Multiseller/Multivendor marketplace

Multiseller/Multivendor marketplace
New update*
--- Add multiple custom field for seller registration and store information page.
--- SEO URL for seller listing for google ranking
--- SEO URL for seller product listing as per store name for google ranking.

--- Don't waste time to enter the meta title and SEO URL for the product when creating/editing the product. I will make it easy for you. When vendor/admin creates/edits the product and enters the product name then meta title automatically fills with the text you enter as product name according to multilanguage so it reduces the product insertion/update time.

--- When entering the product name, SEO URL fills automatically with removed the special characters from SEO URL as per SEO rule.

Vendor subscription package functionality is separately available if you want this please mail me your requirement to this mail id
Note*:- Vendor subscription functionality is chargeable.
Note*:- Journal theme is not supportable from now.

- Product enquiry feature added
- Seller add own social page link
- Famous Basel theme also supported now
- Installation free of cost
- Maximum themes supported
- No need of license key just install and use it where you want to use
- Instantly notify the seller and customer about order through SMS
- Why confuse the seller by showing two panels after login so show only seller panel after login
- Why seller define shipping charge in other place so to utilise the precious time enter the shipping charge when add/edit products
- Notify seller when their products is ordered by buyer
-Order split for sellers and seller manage their order status separately
- Seller set their own default order status for products which is shown to buyer in order history

Seller login detail
Seller demo

Admin login detail
Admin demo

For documentation click here

New version is released
-SMS features when customer place the order, notify the seller and customer both
- SEO friendly store url

No need for set permissions to multiseller menu in admin, we already done for you. You only focus on your store

Seller dashboard with main features

Separate seller login form

Set mail format for seller when you approved or disable the seller's store

In backend, admin check which seller have highest sale and which seller give you more commission so that you set different commission to seller to increase your commission

Seller set their own order status which is shown to buyer as a default order status for seller products. Seller also set product wise shipping charge in product page.

Send the amount to seller according to payment method selected by seller

Show the main menu after seller store account is approved by admin

Seller manage their products but it is not shown to frontend till admin approved them. When seller add their product and it is not approved, product status gone in disable condition and when admin approved them, seller again edit product and enable them. Why waste the sellers precious time to double check the product to enable them. We reduce that pressure, whatever the status set by seller when add or edit the product is remain same and no need to again enable the product when admin approved the product it is automatically gone in enable or disable status

We provide the filter for maximum pages with reset button to clear your filter without manually delete them just like happen in default opencart

Seller listing in grid wise with filter through name and rating wise

Seller store view with maximum details and in proper way so it look goods

Separate seller product page with listing of all products with seller details

Many features also available inside this extension and many comes in future

If you need any other funcationality please feel free to contact. Mail us your requirement to this mail id

Main features:-
1- SEO friendly store url.
2- Seller set shipping charge product wise or order wise
3- Admin manage different commission for different sellers.
4- Order Management
5- Seller manage their own attributes
6- Seller manage their own attribute groups
7- Seller manage their own options
8- Admin manage all seller features through backend
9- Separate seller login button

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Multiseller/Multivendor Marketplace

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Admin low stock alert

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Phone verification

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Multipurpose Popup

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Update Product Quantity and Status

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Extra columns in order listing and order status update

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Logo on Invoice & product image on invoice

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Automatically add SEO and meta title for products

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Authipay Payment Method

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Admin low stock alert

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For any query mail to this id
Or skype to this

Note *:- Support is applicable for one site only if you use this extension in multiple site.

What customers say about Multiseller/Multivendor marketplace

i am trying many things Like HSN code option GST number option but no providing option from you side. I think if they are not solve my problem then I go to other platform or plugin.
The worst presentation and the worst aspect I have ever encountered. I asked for support, went in and reinstalled the same thing. Do not take the graphics of the theme. I asked to change the places where the login, add, etc. links appear. First he did not understand English then he asked for money to change. Overall, it is not worth it. Just complicate your life!
The best extension and the best developer , Its very simple,easy to use, and user friendly. I am highly recommend this. Thanks for the very fast reply.


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