Amazon-style Expected Delivery Date

Amazon-style Expected Delivery Date
OpenCart allows showing stock status on product page by default. However, 7-14 days still requires a bit of "decoding". Besides, what does "Stock status: 7-14 days" really mean? Does it mean that shop will ship in 7-14 days or does it mean that customer will receive in 7-14 days?

We would like to make things simpler for the customers. We want an extension that shows expected delivery date (range) upfront. No ambiguity. No confusion.

For each product, this extension will determine the expected date range of delivery, similar to what Amazon does on product pages, and order confirmation emails.

Made for
The extension has been written for the OpenCart Default theme, and should work with most themes that follow the same structure, nomenclature, etc.
Compatible with

Installation v 3.0+ and Update
  • Upload the ocmod archive at Extensions > Extensions Installer
  • Visit Extensions > Modifications and hit Refresh.
  • Visit Extensions > Extensions, Modules, hit Install next to Expected Delivery Date.

  • On Extensions > Extensions > Modules, hit Edit next to Expected Delivery Date.
  • Fill up the details (in days) for each status and geo zone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does this extension work with my theme? It has been developed for OpenCart Default theme, and should work with most themes that use the same structure.
  2. Does this extension work with Journal 2 theme? Yes!
  3. Does this extension work with OpenCart 3.x? Yes.
  4. Does this extension work with OpenCart 1.x/2.x? No. And no plans either.
  5. The extension adds date to product page but not to customer order email. You are using some extension that modifies emails being sent. If you use Power Email Editor to create beautiful custom emails, add the mergetag {{expected_delivery}} in the email template where you'd like the expected delivery date to appear. If you use some other extension for editing emails, you'll need to ask the author of that extension to not mess with the default email.
  6. I have an idea. Great! Post it as a reply to this thread.
  7. I am having a problem with this extension. Please click Get Support on this page.

What customers say about Amazon-style Expected Delivery Date

I made slight adjustments to the code so that different products from different warehouses would show different lead times. Basically just made this extension think that everything is out of stock so it would display the out of stock lead times, then made different out of stock status tags for each of the manufacturers / warehouses. It works fantastic!


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