elegro Acceptance

elegro Acceptance
elegro Acceptance is a C2B solution that makes it possible for businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments online and get them automatically exchanged to EUR or any other local currency with no volatility and chargebacks.
Using our payment system, your customers can instantly and securely pay for the purchases on the website you’ve integrated with elegro Acceptance. At the same time, you can receive instant payouts both in crypto or fiat to your external wallet or Business Bank Account.
By integrating elegro Acceptance into your website or e-commerce platform, you get an additional payment method to grow your customer base and boost sales. Make your business shine and become a part of a modern world with elegro.

elegro Acceptance benefits:
    Fast and simple onboarding
    Instant and secure NFC payments
    4 major cryptocurrencies to get paid with (BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC)
    Crypto payments with automatic exchanges to a chosen fiat currency
    Zero conversion risks
    EU IBANS to accept crypto payments with no recalls
    Master account to manage multiple websites
    Smooth and quick integration with API
    Back office for greater control
    24/7 technical support

Currently, you can accept payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin from customers all around the world. Bitcoin Cash is coming soon. The range of currencies is constantly expanded.

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