IP Blacklist

IP Blacklist
What it does
This extension manages a blacklist of IP-addresses of fraudulent users.

Sometimes users purchase items with stolen credit cards and the store owner ends up shipping items to fraudsters. The original card owner may reverse the transaction. However, the store owner often won't be able to retrieve the already shipped items.

By putting the fraudulent user's IP-address into a blacklist future online purchases from the same user, even with different cards, will be marked with a warning message on the OpenCart admin backend's order page. This allows the store owner to proceed with caution, possibly not proceeding at all with the order fulfilment.

Also, for the blacklisted IPs, you can either stop them from future checkouts, and totally block access to any webpage.

This extension does not modify any OpenCart core files, instead it uses Event handlers.

Log into the OpenCart admin backend and then proceed as follows:
  1. Extensions > Installer > Upload to upload this zip-file.
  2. Extensions > Extensions > Anti-Fraud > Blacklist IP to install and enable this module, along with the IP-addresses of fraudulent users.

Further help and customized versions
This extension has been successfully tested for the standard OpenCart version It should work with other OpenCart 3.x versions, too.

If you need a customized version of this extension, let us know and we can create one for a charge.

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