PEVA: Phone and Email Verified Accounts (at registration) - OC3

PEVA: Phone and Email Verified Accounts (at registration) - OC3

SMS PVA (Phone Verified Accounts) and Phone verification for Opencart
When the user has filled the registration form, and submit it, this extension generates a unique code and send it to the customer.
And instead of showing the customer the registration success page it shows the phone number verification page.
When the customer enters the right code, she will be redirected to the registration success page.


  • This extension keeps the registration data somewhere in the database until customer confirms his identity. Only when the customer has confirmed his identity (number/email) then we replay the account creation.
  • If you have enabled customer approval, this extension will delay the approval mail sending until the customer confirm their phone number. Once they confirm their phone number, the original Opencart approval mail will be sent to the customer to inform them that their account is waiting approval. And admin is informed that an account has been created and is waiting for approval.
  • If you did not enable customer approval, this extension will delay the welcome mail sending until the customer confirms his phone number. Once it is confirmed, the original Opencart welcome mail will be sent to the customer to inform him about account creation. The store owner is informed that an account has been created.


  • Allow resend of code by SMS up to 3 times in case of GSM network problem, then ask user to contact the support if she cannot receive the SMS.
  • Customize the SMS template that is sent to customer for account verification.
  • Multi languages support.
  • SMS verification when customer edits his phone number
  • Support both email and SMS verification

We consider that Email Verified Accounts is safe and for some businesses that rely on Phoning / SMS / Whatsapp, etc , Phone Verified Accounts is a must.
This opencart extension is designed and developed carefully to bring phone verification and email verification to your Opencart store with a seamless experience that is delightful to your customers.
We use our products
We are using this extension in our own website ProWebTec and it is helping us fight spams and bots. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Arabic digits support − Advanced feature (Sold EXTRA)

  • Example if SMS code is 1234 and user enters ١٢٣٤ then the code is accepted.

iSenseLab Google login support − Advanced feature (Sold EXTRA)

  • This advanced feature lets you confirm telephone/email when customers register using the isenselab's Google Login extension.

iSenseLab Facebook login support − Advanced feature (Sold EXTRA)

Dreamvention Ajax Quick Checkout support − Advanced feature (Sold EXTRA)

Pro Email Template extension support − Advanced feature (Sold EXTRA)

  • This advanced feature lets you send the activation email as HTML email by using the Pro Email template extension.


  • smshare extension: This extension requires smshare module to work. It support both smshare standard edition or the smshare saas extension.
  • If you already have a module that modifies the registration process. Consult the support team before buying to discuss integration costs. We offer custom modification services to this module to fit your need.
  • Don't buy this module if you already have (and you do not want to uninstall) module that does email verification.

Before SMS confirmation can work on demo site, you must configure the smshare module so that it knows how to send the confirmation SMS

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This extension works well with the Block Spams in Contact Form extension that requires Require visitor to be logged before using the contact form.

Documentation and Changelog are available in the download.
Please read carefully the readme file provided in the package and follow the steps described in that file.
If you don't want to install the extension yourself, please contact the support and it will be installed for you for $20.


For any question, bug, feature request or installation query, contact:



  • Developed by OpenCart Partner
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


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