Recruitment System / Job Board

Recruitment System / Job Board
A complete recruitment system for advertising job vacancies which includes a Module for job listings, a jobs listings page and an application page.

Application page is SEO and Captcha enabled and has a fully functioning admin interface and is multi-language.

You get a module that shows all the current vacancies (vacanies have an end date after which they no longer appear), a new page that lists all the vacancies and a new page for the vacancy which also has an application form.

On submitting an application, the candidate is send an email reciept and the admin gets an email with the application deatils.

In the admin you have a page that list the vacancies from which you can add, edit and view the applications. Applications can be rejected with or without a rejection email. Rejecting an application just hides it from the current list but can be viewed if wanted.

Uses OCMOD for simple installation.

Please also download the instructions!

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