Advanced Opencart Variable Product - Combined Options - Variants

Advanced Opencart Variable Product - Combined Options - Variants

  • Live Update with Options: Image, Price, Stock Availability, Model, Sku, UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN, MPN, Location, Dimension, Weight, Point
  • Search by Option Model, Sku, UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN, MPN:
  • Swatch Types : Options images / Product images / Text
  • Show/Hide Option in Category Page
  • Show/Hide Option Price Differences
  • Show/Hide Out of Stock Option
  • Easy Generation : Create all variable options(combined options) by simple click or predefined combinations.
  • Easy edit with Excel view : Image, Price, Quantity, Model, Sku, UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN, MPN, Location, Dimension, Weight, Point (You can choose data you only need to manage in extension configuration.)
  • Set option price with : =, +, -
  • Unlimited combinations with complex dependencies
  • Language/Язык: English, Русский



Super Easy combined options creation by simple clicks

Live update attributes by combination changes

Swatch Types

  • Option Images: You can set option images in each option edit page - Catalog -> Options

  • Product Images: First of combination images

  • Text: If you don't set any option images or product images, swatches will use text style.

Unlimited combinations with complex dependencies

Theme Compatibility:
- Default
- Journal 3
- eMarket (so-emarket)
- Revo (so-revo)
- Claue (so-claue)
- Myshop (so-myshop)
- Bestshop (so-bestshop)
- ShoppyStore (so-shoppystore)
- Basel
- Zeexo
- Pander
- Sinrato
- Truemart
- Kenza
- Mimosa
- Debaco
- Gicor
- Zemez
- Fastor
- Drama
- Madina
- Yoga
- UltraStore (Octemplate)
- FeelMart (Octemplate)
- ReMarket (Octemplate)
- Unishop2
- Mixbucket
- Furelife

If you use other commercial theme, please contact us.
We will make our extension compatible with yours for free.

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Install Instructions

- Download extension zip file of your opencart version.
- Go to Extensions > Extension Installer -> Upload
- Upload zip file here.
- Go to Extensions > Modifications and Click Refresh.

Setup Instructions

- Go to Extensions > Extensions
- Choose "Modules" as extension type
- Click install "Maybooster Advanced Options"
- Edit "Maybooster Advanced Options" (Optional)

Unlimited Variable/Combined Options and Swatches for Opencart Product

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What customers say about Advanced Opencart Variable Product - Combined Options - Variants

Great extension, easy options configuration with excel's style and fast support respond.
Works great and great support
very good extenstion, very good service.


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