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Product Sticker PRO  | Product Label
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Stickers for the product on the OpenCart 2х | 3х.

For what they are needed and how due to this tool to increase sales.

Modern e-marketing faces 3 main problems of doing business.

1 - Product presentation, 2- Product payment, 3- Product delivery. If all 3 stages of sales are solved at the "High level", then uniquely such e-marketing will be successful, and as a result the business owner will receive income. In the realities of modern startups, the issue of attracting traffic (buyers) and the competent presentation of the product for a potential buyer are the most acute, with the aim of removing all existing objections (doubts) before making an order.

Back in the 20s of the last century, with the birth of the era of advertising agencies and marketing proper, manufacturers of manufactories experienced difficulties in selling their own products, so that people simply did not understand what an advantage it was to acquire another similar product, while the previous one served as faith and truth. It was at that time that the basic researches of psychologists in the field of presentation of goods were made, the basic patterns of perception were revealed and a concept was developed: "How to make the buyer realize that he desperately needs this product". Within the framework of these studies, it was found that any visual image reaches a person many times faster than a semantic one, and also, it is less criticized, because gets into consciousness bypassing the logical filters of critical thinking, causing much more associations, almost instantly activating the instincts and reflexes. For today it is an axiom of marketing, disputes are conducted only around of what instincts to beat, and what "the Pack of reflexes" to activate.

Modern online trading has huge advantages over offline sales and a small number of shortcomings. Of the main shortcomings is worth noting the inability to touch and smell the proposed product. While the advantages are several orders of magnitude greater, it is also an opportunity to get acquainted with the parameters of the proposed product at any time, and a better presentation, and the opportunity to plan the need for a purchase in advance, etc.

Presentation - it's great when the site contains quality photos of goods, a full description and technical characteristics. But in an urban environment where each person values ​​their time, draw the attention of the user (the Internet surfer) to the description and translate it into the category of potential buyers, can only be short, capacious in nature and incorporating the expected patterns of user behavior information - Stickers.

The Stickers pro module allows you to communicate the main advantages of the product to the user in the most effective way and is suitable for opencart and ocstore, as well as assemblies based on them versions 2х-3х. Also, attracting attention stickers affect the user's behavior, forcing him to delay his attention to the presentation, which positively affects the behavioral factors that search engines take into account when ranking the site.

Advantages of the module Stickers pro for the goods on the open card 2х-3х:

Unlimited number of stickers
9 display positions
Auto substitution for system events: share, discount, novelty, hit sales, popular product
Auto Substitution Stickers manufacturer
Custom inventory informer in stock
Possibility of selective as separate, and batch assignment, a given sticker to the goods
A convenient filter of goods by categories, names, stickers, the date of beginning and end of the show.

This tool significantly expands the presentation possibilities, makes the site based on opencart and its assemblies more informative and "usable".

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Great extension... stickers looks amazing. must have extension for all opencart shops. support very quick


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