MIGS Payment Gateway 2.5D Party (MerchantHosted)

MIGS Payment Gateway 2.5D Party (MerchantHosted)
Migs Payment Gateway 2.5D (MerchantHosted Authenticate and Pay)

Merchants who want full control over the transaction and want to manage their own payment pages use the 2-Party integration model. Implementing the 2-Party model requires you to securely collect the cardholders’ card details and then use the Virtual Payment Client to send the Transaction Requests directly to the Payment Server. This is also called the merchant-managed, or Direct model. This model means that you are responsible for securing the cardholders’ card numbers and details.
The 2-Party model does not allow you to implement the 3-D Secure initiatives of MasterCard® SecureCodeTM, Verified by VisaTM and JCB J/SecureTM.
The two parties involved in a 2-Party transaction are the merchant and the Payment Provider. The merchant communicates directly through the Virtual Payment Client to the Payment Server and back again. This is a synchronous connection and the cardholder does not leave your site, which means the session is not broken or disrupted.
The Direct method is also used for advanced Payment Server operations such as captures, refunds, voids and queries. Your application communicates to the Payment Server via the Virtual Payment Client, so you need to take into account working with proxy servers.

1- Install the ZIP file through Extension installer.
2- Please refresh from Modifications Page.
3- install the module from extenstion->Payment.

* insert the required data supported by your migs provider.
* enable the extention and you may get back to me for test cards.

Main features:
* 2-Party Payments Integration Model
* Uses newer SHA256 hash security
* Test mode Support
* Shows transaction data on the success page as required by migs
* Uses the OpenCart Extension system, No core files are overwritten.
* Fully PCI/PA-DSS compliant. No sensitive data is stored on your server.
* Full form validation during checkout to prevent incorrect card details or missing fields.
* Works with any MIGS compatible Merchant provider

If you have any questions about this extensions i am happy to help you, please contact me by Email any time: aatwa86@gmail.com


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