SMS Notification + OTP Verification. Work with any SMS API

SMS Notification + OTP Verification. Work with any SMS API
SMS Notification + OTP Verification. Work with any SMS API. Module is a powerful module that enables you to send notification to your customers and Administrator during various events in your OpenCart store Like Register Account,on new order and on changing of order status.
Supports all SMS providers Api's. Using this extension, SMS can be sent automatically on order creation, order delivery, order shipping , otp verification on user account registration or guest user registration.
Since this add-on helps to conduct client up-to-date about the current order position, it expansion trust in your business.
So, the sales levels from your store get promoted.

Features/Pros :
Client get updated over SMS, no commitment to check the mail from wherever.
SMS are ever visible at the forwarded time but an e-mail which can be treated as SPAM sometimes.
SMS notifications send to client and an admin, while the order gets placed or changed the status of the order.
SMS information to client, if order gets cancelled.
SMS information to client, if order gets returned.
If Structure receive placed, then the SMS notification to client tells the Order successfully placed with Order Id.
If Structure status change to shipping, then the client gain the SMS information like ‘Structure shipped with shipping provider name’.
If Structure position change to shipment, then the client gets the SMS information like ‘Order successful to delivered’.

*Using this extension, SMS can be sent automatically on order creation, order delivery ,order cancel and order returned.

Extension uses Get/HTTP URL based SMS sending method. This method is supported by most of the SMS APIs available in market.

SMS URL Configuration Example:
Sms api providers provides following GET/HTTP based SMS URL for sending SMS:{mobile_no}&message={message}&senderid=mysenderid&accusage=1

Here, the variables are user, key or password, {mobile_no}, {message} and accusage. Meaning of all these variables
is explained by the SMS vendor. We are concerned about only 2 variables here: "Phone
Number" and "Message". Rest of the values will be provided by the SMS vendor. In this case we assume
sample values to be "user1", "mypass", "hello", and "1".

In "General Configuration" section, you can simply write following URL:
The extension will pick _MOB_ and _TEXT_ fields, insert appropriate data in place of those variables as
required, then send SMS.

Available Tokens for the sms:

Mobile No. - {mobile_no}
Message - {message}

1.SMS API URL number
3.Text Message
Product Name - {product_name}
Order ID - {order_id}
Price - {price}
Shipped Date - {shipped_date}
Order Date - {order_date}
Order Status - {order_status}
By using these variables SMS will be send by replacing corrosponding values of variables.

Notes :
In module setting there is a setting from which you can enable are disable the features like if u want otp verification on registration you enable the module other wise disable the module ,same in case of order's status SMS you can enable and disable the features .
— Notifies store owners about new orders , Notifies store owners about new registered customers. This option can be turned on/off , Notifies customers about their new orders, Notifies customers once their order's status updated. These options can be turned on/off by enabling or disabling the status option of orders tab .
— Uses order variables in messages. For example: the customer's name, the amount of the order, order currency, products, address and etc.

— The extension is tested and guaranteed to work under 2.x.x, 3.x.x versions of opencart and its all distributions.

Demo Login Details:
Username: demo
Password: demo

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