aImport (Import/Export/Backup/Migrate) OpenCart 2-3

aImport (Import/Export/Backup/Migrate) OpenCart 2-3
All data in OpenCart (such as products, orders, customers and the like) are stored in a database. The store owner has limited access to that data - it's not as easy as to get access to files under store root folder. One has such options as user interface provided by OpenCart or some other DB GUI (eg PHPMyAdmin). But they don't allow to manage data in a bulk or to import data. Third parties extensions need to be used for that purpose.
This extension is a data management tool which allows you to edit data in a bulk (eg modifying price for all the products by one action), export and import items (products, customers etc) between your stores, perform full migrate between OpenCart installations (2.0-3.0), create DB backup and restore a specific backup

Main features:

  • export data to a file
  • import data from a file
  • supported files' formats: XML (The Excel 97 - Excel 2003), XLSX (Excel 2010 and Excel 2007), CSV (most popular format for data transfer)
  • data migration between OpenCart 2.0 - 3.0 stores
  • data backup and restore
  • option to select specific backup from the backup history
  • highly secure - a backup copy is created before each import operation
  • import to a single or multiple spreadsheets
  • splitting exporting data by rows to multiple files
  • preventing data corruption on edit (by typos) by grouping all available options to drop-down lists (Excel feature)
  • simple interface - import/export in 2 clicks
  • intelligent importing/exporting system - fixing or creating missing or inconsistent data such as store name, store language etc.
  • correct data conversion of settings, customers and affiliates between different OpenCart versions
  • handling inconsistencies in database structures for v2-v3 OpenCart installations


  • PHP 5.6 and higher

Test server

Online user manual can be found here

If you have any questions leave comment or email me (

What customers say about aImport (Import/Export/Backup/Migrate) OpenCart 2-3

Frankly, I have use so many import and export extension, this one has auto assign ID and does not drive heavy traffic to the server even I export thousand of products. Thanks to the developer so helpful to troubleshoot the problem for me. 5-stars rewards and recommanded!


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