Multi Vendor Marketplace FREE

Multi Vendor Marketplace FREE

What is an OpenCart Partner?
Very few companies get approval as an authorized partner from OpenCart, after a consistent track record of superior support and quality products.
An OpenCart partner has more mature solutions.
Partners have a very good track record in terms of customer support and quality of products.

  • Multilingual, 17 languages available.
  • Split order view for different sellers.
  • One Page Checkout compatible.
  • Sellers can register.
  • Customers can place orders from multiple sellers at the same time.
  • Sellers can manage commission.
  • Sellers can analyze sales and reports from the dashboard.

This extension is the Free version of our bestseller product Multi Vendor / Multi-Seller Marketplace. You can use this extension if you want to get the basic feel of our Pro extension, or if you need some limited functionality of the Multivendor extension, for free.

The user guide can be downloaded from here. This guide is for Pro version, but explains everything in this free extension as well.

Main Features
- All themes are supported [twig format for Opencart 3.x]
- Admin can add products for sellers
- Sellers can not add products in free version
- Sellers can set commission for products
- Sellers can manage orders
- Seller approval control available with admin
- Product approval control available with admin
- Customers can become seller from the signup page
- Sellers can add related products
- Customers can give ratings and reviews to sellers
- Admin can control categories allowed for sellers
- Admin can set max. limit for the number of seller products allowed in an order
- Admin can Add/edit sellers
- Contact form for sellers
- Admin can manage seller stores
- Admin can manage seller products
- Admin can assign products to sellers
- Seller panel/dashboard available
- Admin can manage seller orders
- View order listing for sellers
- SEO URL for Seller Store Page
- Seller Information is shown on the product page
- Split order view, handled by the respective vendor
- Individual page for seller's shop, showing seller information and seller's products
- Sorting of products available on the seller page
- Checkout products from different sellers at the same time
- View all reviews given by customers on reviews dashboard
- Multilingual Capability is available. Following 17 languages are inbuilt with the extension [No extra cost, All included]:
  1. English
  2. Arabic
  3. Spanish
  4. French
  5. German
  6. Italian
  7. Dutch
  8. Russian
  9. Chinese (China)
  10. Chinese (Taiwan)
  11. Portuguese
  12. Indonesian
  13. Japanese
  14. Filipino
  15. Vietnamese
  16. Thai
  17. Malaysian

- One-page checkout supported. Works with AJAX Quick Checkout PRO (One Page Checkout, Fast Checkout).

Installation Video

Feature Comparison
Following table summarises some of the important features of this Free version w.r. to the Pro version.

This demo runs Pro version of our extension. You can check all the features of FREE version also in this demo.

Link: click here
seller username:
seller password: demo123

Link: click here
admin username: admin
admin password: demo123

Link: click here
customer username:
customer password: demo123

Link: click here

Note: Premium/fast support is not available for this Free version. Premium support and complete features are available with our Pro extension, listed here.
Please download user guide for Pro version from here. It explains all options available in the Free version as well.

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Useless and Just wasting time.

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