Mail API: SendGrid, mailgun, SparkPost, mailjet, ElasticEmail

Mail API: SendGrid, mailgun, SparkPost, mailjet, ElasticEmail
Mail API integrates SendGrid / Mandrill / Mailgun / SparkPost / MailJet / Elastic Email / SMTP2GO email service provider APIs to send customer and order emails from OpenCart. Mail API makes email sending much faster (normally less than a second) and eliminate the change of been marked as Spam mails.

Why use Mail API to send emails?
Mail API is much faster than SMTP. SendGrid, Mandrill, Mailgun, SparkPost, MailJet, Elastic Email, SMTP2GO normally takes less than a second to respond on a email sending request, and they are reliable on sending several emails at the same time. Besides, they also have a portal to analyze email reachability and manage subscriptions.

Some servers may disable the feature to send emails with sendmail. Then Mail API is a much easier choice.

Just enter a key, and sending emails with any of SendGrid / Mandrill / Mailgun / SparkPost / MailJet / Elastic Email / SMTP2GO today!

OpenCart 3.x DEMO

OpenCart 2.3.x DEMO

1. Why use API to send emails over SMTP and native mail?
SMTP is slow, everyone knows that. If you have several emails on a new order to send, with a slow SMTP, customer sees 500. It's not user friendly. Native Mail is fast, but many host providers block that for spamming reason.

API is fast, normally it takes less than a second to send an email. Plus they have beautiful dashboard for logs, and they offer FREE plans. More importantly, less spams.

2. Does it support my theme?
Yes, it supports all themes, most likely. This mail api module only enhances the mail function, it doesn't overwrite any part of the theme.

3. Does it overwrite my OpenCart code?
No, the Mail API module uses events and ocmod to add new features. It doesn't overwrite any files. Plus, it's very easy to install and configure.

4. The API I need isn't included, can you add that?
Yes, you can see we've already have 5 email provider API implemented, and we are open to add more. Just drop us a message.

5. I'm new to OpenCart, can you help install the module for me?
Yes, the installation steps are very simple. We are always happy to help though.

Support PHP 7.4/8.0

Bug fixes

Bug fixes

Added Mandrill support

Added SMTP2GO support

Add more log info to mail log

Add log tab to admin

What customers say about Mail API: SendGrid, mailgun, SparkPost, mailjet, ElasticEmail

I wasted an entire evening trying to get Sendgrid to work with Opencart, eventually gave up and bought this extension and had it working within a few minutes.
Excelent !!
Good support helped us here.


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