Cashback / SuperCash - Sales Boosting Strategy

Cashback / SuperCash - Sales Boosting Strategy

SuperCash / e-Cash / e-Wallet / e-Cashback
SuperCash is one of the trending sales strategies that will help you to make your customers prefer buying from you and not from the competitors. This is a type of virtual discount that you offer to your customer when he/she makes purchases. This is also a type of virtual reward system where you give your customers virtual money added to their store account. Customers can use this amount to make future purchases

For example,
  • Customer buys a product, he/she gets some amount of supercash cashback to his store account.
  • To use this supercash, the customer needs to make another order. (Customer can use a particular percentage of supercash per order as per your admin setting)
  • To use the remaining supercash, the customer needs to place another order in your store.

SuperCash system can also prove to be a USP for your store. Why should a customer buy a product from your store? And why should a customer return to your store to make a future purchase? This system is the answer. Customers get attracted, the customer feels valued, the customer is satisfied and it is a win-win situation for all.

  1. Admin can manually credit or debit supercash from the admin panel for a particular customer or all customers or newsletter subscribers or customer groups or all customers purchased a particular product
  2. Admin can set expiry date for the credited SuperCash
  3. Send Alert Email or SMS to customers for credit or debit or expiring or expired events.
  4. Admin can assign supercash to products so when the customer buys that product he gets supercash credited to his account

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Admin Demo

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