Product Attribute Value Auto Insert By Sainent

Product Attribute Value Auto Insert By Sainent

Product Attribute Value Auto Insert For Opencart By Sainent

This plugin is for Multi language and multi store version, it's will help you manage data entry with no manual mistakes / errors. You can create a set of possible values for each attribute . Then during data entry of attributes in product form, you can select any one value from the select menu of all possible values you added .

It will increase the speed of data entry as you don't have to type / enter specs every time.
All you can do is select one value from existing possible values shown for each attribute in product form.
You can delete / add / edit presets for any attribute by going to attribute edit form.

- Attributes Value Checkbox.
- Insert Attributes value Auto.
- Attributes By Attributes Group.
- Multi Language Support.
- Multi Store Support.
- No Coding Require.
- No Core file change.
- Easy Installation.

- download extension zip file of your opencart 2 version.
- unzip downloaded file.
- Go to Extension > Extension Installer -> Upload
- Upload zip file here.
- Go to Modification Click in Refresh.
Clear cache from admin > dashboard
Now your extension is installed.

Frontend Demo
Admin Demo
Username: demo
Password: demo

Installation And Admin Demo

Attributes Value

Product Edit/Add Page

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Superb support, they solve my problem immediately
Excellent extension and excellent support Thank you!!
The only one that worked seamlessly with me without any problems or bugs... this extension really is a time saver


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