APC Shipping Integration (Hypaship)

APC Shipping Integration (Hypaship)
v1.1 (15 Oct 2018)

Are you fed up with having to manually transfer the shipment details of each order into your APC Hypaship booking system.
Well now you can do this directly from your Opencart store !

This extension accesses the APC Overnight API to send consignment data to APC directly from your stores administration control panel.

The mod is easy to set up - simply add your Hypaship credentials and a few default settings in the settings menu and then you can start sending the order information with a simple click of a button.

Consignments are booked with APC from the 'Order Info' page (Sales > Orders > View). Click on the 'APC Hypaship Consignment Labels' tab, check the details are all correct and click the button to 'Submit Consignment Data'

You should contact the API helpdesk on 01922 702587 before starting to let them know you wish to start using the API and to check that your login credentials for the live Hypaship system also work on their training portal.

It's not really possible to create a generic demo as it requires the use of a 'live' APC account, but if you have an account with APC and would like to see the extension in action, email me at justcurious[at]ocmodz.co.uk.

Or, you can watch a demo video here


  • Allows multiple consignments per order (for part shipments)
  • Allows multiple parcels per consignment
  • Cancel consignments from within the extension if you've made a mistake or the order is cancelled or changed at the last minute
  • Open the APC web portal directly from Opencart to print individual labels
  • Parcel tracking link
  • If the consignment data is being processed after the user assigned 'cut-off' time, the date is automatically set to the next day (this can still be manually amended if necessary).
  • Mail Pack, Courier Pack or Next Day Parcel service (MP16, CP16 or ND16) pre-selected depending on weight of order, with option to select ANY available service instead.
  • Option to add new service codes if they are introduced in future
  • Sort service codes into groups to make them easier to find
  • Option to select 'THERE TO HERE' for returns (if you arrange for APC to collect returns on the same APC account).
  • Test mode to ensure you are getting the expected results before going 'live'.

Please Note: This extension requires the use of the 3rd party extension VQMod. This can be downloaded for free from https://github.com/vqmod/vqmod/wiki


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,,

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14 Oct 2018
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