Advanced manual and real time notifications

Advanced manual and real time notifications
With the extension advanced notifications for OpenCart 3.x you can easily create custom notifications.
• Select notification position (Sticky top, sticky bottom, top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right)
• Select where to display the notification: All pages, Category pages, Product pages etc
• Assign custom color and background
• Assign custom width for desktop and mobile as well as mobile breakpoint
• Assign visibility of notification
• Assign delay of notification
• Display only on specific URLs (OpenCart 3.x)
• Schedule your notifications with start and end date and time

Version 1.2
Added support for Responsive Stack notifications
Version 1.3
Added support for specific URLs only instead of layout pages.
Version 1.4
Real time notifications introduced.
Version 1.5
Added support for custom CSS definitions in Desktop and Mobile. Added support to remove expired notifications per cron job.
Version 1.6
Improved Real Time notifications: Added the options: Users bought this
product last XX minutes / Last time a product was bought last XX minutes / New users registered last XX minutes. Added placeholders for notifications
Version 1.6.5
Added the option to select whether the notification will be displayed again when user closes the notification or it will be auto-closed or not.
Version 1.7
Assign notifications to specific categories, products or information pages.
Version 1.7.5
Added ability to duplicate notifications. Performance optimizations.
Version 1.8
All the settings are now in tabs for better organization.
Version 1.9
Choose for which customer groups you want the notification to be displayed. Leaving all customer groups not selected will apply the notification on all customer groups and on guests.
Version 2.0
Added conditional logic! Now you can select specific conditions when this notification will be displayed. Conditions are linked with AND / OR and ON. Conditions groups are linked with OR condition. Test it now on our demo page!
Version 2.0.5
Added support to display notifications only to specific or all manufacturers.
Version 2.1
Added Gantt Chart support for better notifications overview. Bug fixes.
Version 2.1.5
Added option to change tab title when user changes tab and restore the title when he get back on the tab.
Version 2.2.0
Updated conditional logic methods. Improved performance. Bug fixes.

Example for assigning notification to specific categories:

OpenCart 3.x Demo:

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at

OpenCart versions supported: 2.3.x - 3.x

Current version for OpenCart 3.x: 2.1.5
Current version for OpenCart 2.3.x: 1.3 *

* Please note that OpenCart 2.3.x version is not updated anymore and no new features will be added. OpenCart 3.x is the supported version.


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