Autosearch 3x - instant search in the storefront for OC 3x

Autosearch 3x - instant search in the storefront for OC 3x
AutoSearch 3x - Instant search with drop-down list in the storefront, when results are shown as you type.

With this module your customers can quickly find necessary products, brands and categories on your store
Flexible settings and functionality of the module allow you to choose the most suitable solution for your online store.

✔ Search and display in the list a found results of products, categories and manufacturers
✔ Displaying product images in search results
specify the size of the product image (height x width, pixels)

✔ Show product model in search results
ability to display SKU, UPC, EAN, JAN, MPN, ISBN or Location fields instead of product model

✔ Displaying the price of the item in the search results
the usual price and the price of the action, taking into account the group of buyers.
when prohibiting the display of prices to unregistered users (in the store settings), the prices are not shown

✔ Display of the quantity of goods in stock or its status in the search results
when the display of balances (in the store settings) is disabled, only the status is shown

✔ Select fields to search (by product name, attributes, tags, model, SKU, UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN, MPN, and Location)
✔ Limit of displayed results for products, categories and brands
✔ Number of characters to start the search and display the results
✔ Select the method of sorting the results (by the date of receipt of the goods, by name)
✔ Select the encoding in case of problems with the display of non-Latin characters
✔ Link at the end of the list to show all results
✔ The scroll through the list of results and adjust its maximum length

Compatible with Opencart versions 3000-303x
Works with all templates

You can change the styles of module for your template in file catalog\view\javascript\jquery\autosearch.css

AutoSearch 3x does not change the standard search for products.
When you click the link to display all results (or by press Enter), you will go to the search page with the results of standard search.

To show advanced results of search for goods on the search page, use the free ExtendedSearch module

1. Upload archive in Extensions > Installer
2. Refresh the modification cache (press Refresh button) in Extensions > Modifications
3. Refresh theme cache in Dashboard > Developer Settings
4. Install & configure "AutoSearch 3x" module in Extensions > Modules
5. Enjoy!



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