PayPal Standard Payment Details

PayPal Standard Payment Details
PayPal Standard Payment Details

Are you using PayPal Standard?
Are you tired of getting the payment without the payment details?
because there is no message when the order is placed in the order details admin area.
and you need to go to PayPal login and search manually the transaction because there is no order information...
then this modification is for you!

Payment Details right into the order history information - a much better and clear message.
that includes the following:

Order ID:
PayPal Payer Full Name: - (the name of the PayPal account holder not the name on the order information - secure since a personal verification is need it by PayPal)
Order Total:
PayPal Fee: ( Yes the PayPal fee charge for the transaction now you know how much you pay for each transaction)
Total Net Amount: ( The total net after the PayPal fee is deducted from the sales total, now you know how much you getting for each transaction)
PayPal Payment Status: ( the PayPal transaction statues - differ from the order status)
PayPal Payer Email: ( the real email from the PayPal payer - not the email from the order details, why sometimes customer used differ emails one to order and the one they used to register on PayPal.)
Payment Receiver Email: ( this is the email where the payment is received - so if there is a differ email here the payment was not sent to your PayPal account)
PayPal Transaction ID: ( and yes the transaction ID with a direct link to the PayPal payment details page!)


PayPal Standard Payment Details:

Order ID: 12085
PayPal Payer Full Name: Open Code
Order Total: $411.71
PayPal Fee: -$12.24
Total Net Amount: $399.47 USD
PayPal Payment Status: Pending
PayPal Payer Email: open.code[at]
Payment Receiver Email: your-paypal-account-email[at]
PayPal Transaction ID: 1HN66610JH626231N

no more searching manually, no more trying to find the right transaction id for the order that matches the detail, because in the business world time is money, plus now you can log in to PayPal payment details page using the direct link in the transaction id.

now that you have all this extra information you can cancel, refund, or voided the payment using the TRANSACTION-ID link to the Paypal payment page details.

This is the first of his kind - copycats coming soon after...

OpenCode - "thinking outside of the box without forgetting the box and acting it outside of the box"
by OpenCode.

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