Protect admin PREMIUM - Admin single sign on

Protect admin PREMIUM - Admin single sign on
With this OpenCart Protect Admin PREMIUM Module you can set after how many fail login attempts this admin with a particular username will receive one email with a generated link with which he can access instantly the admin again (Single sign-on).

The generated code is valid only once so when the admin user is being logged then the generated token is removed from the database.

In addition the last versions of the module bring more security on the admin with more settings:

    E-Mail is sent if customer exceeds a number of failed attempts with a generated URL that he can only use once. Number of failed attempts can be changed from module settings.

    Set CronJob to reset tokens after some hours from email sent

    Set Cronjob unique secure key for maximum security

    Allow cron job to access remove token script only from specific IPs

    Custom validity of tokens

    Ability to disable admin username when failed attempts are reached

    Two factor authentication per SMS via Clickatell Service / One time PIN

    Ability to restrict access only from certain IPs or IP range. If an IP is not listed then the request will be diverted to the homepage.

    Disable direct login access using the secure key of your choice. URL will be the form /admin?securelogin=yoursecurekey. Failure to supply correct securekey will divert the request to homepage

    Allow only specific OS to navigate to admin page

DEMO: For security reasons we can not release publicly a demo. Please email us at should you request a demo. Please email us also if you have feature requests or ideas.

---- Updates
24.10.2018: Corrections and code optimizations. version 1.10
27.10.2018: Added two factor authentication per email. Update to version 1.22
10.11.2018: Version 1.35. Added new features such as IP based restriction
31.03.2019: Version 1.60. Added new features for one time pin. Support for 3.0.3.x

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