Default Extension Type Setting

Default Extension Type Setting
What does it do?
This simple OCMOD script makes the Extensions > Extensions page load the Modules by default (instead of Analytics). The default extension type can be changed from System > Settings > (default store) > Option (tab) > Default Extension Type

Starting from OpenCart 2.3 all different type of extensions are gathered under the single Extensions > Extensions page with option to filter the required type. Unfortunately the default filter chooses Analytics which is hardly ever the type of extension anybody wants to see when visiting the Extensions list page. Modules page is the most often used Extensions type by far and this little snippet saves you several clicks and a "ton" of wait time when trying to navigate to the Modules view, because it makes it the default selection! Should you prefer to default to another type of extension, then just go the system settings and choose your preferred extension type. It's as simple as that :)

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