This module allows you to create products bundle.


3 bundle templates:
- banner Demo
- carousel Demo
- table Demo

Flexible bundle layout system:
- on product page Demo
- on category page beside bundle main product Demo
- by opencart module Demo
- inside blogs, news Demo
- on any page by selectors

Flexible bundle customization for the customer:
Bundle customization form Demo
Products to choose from any item of the bundle Demo
Setting all possible types of options Demo
Edit bundle in cart

Merge bundle with bundle main prduct from cart

Control of the availability of products in the store when setting up and adding a bundle to the cart

Extensive options for customizing bundle store administrator:
Link bundle to products :
- by single product
- by product list
- by category
- by manufacturer
- by filter
- any combination of these method
Link bundle to products from the cart
Unlimited number of items in the bundle
Products to choose from in any position of the bundle
- fixed options
- disabled options
- standart options
Flexible pricing system for items in the bundle:
- default product price
- product price minus percentage
- product price minus value
- fixed price
- product specials
Flexible total system for the bundle :
- total of products
- total of products minus percentage
- total of products minus value
- fixed total
Quantity control:
- bundle quantity limit
- bundle quantity limit in the cart
- output bundles, taking into account the availability of products in the store

Full order editing with bundles :
- editing bundle in order
- adding bundle to order
- all bundle discounts in total area
- full order editing with removed bundle

Multi-language support
Color customization for bundles in the cart


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included



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