Royal Mail Click & Drop - OC 1.5.x

Royal Mail Click & Drop - OC 1.5.x
Royal Mail have yet to implement any integration with Opencart... So this module follows the only work-around available at this time which is via DropBox.

Don't worry, once setup it will be completely automated but unfortunately requires a DropBox account and some setup in order to work. Which you can follow our guide or pay us a small fee to do this for you, see below.

Let Us Set You Up
We can help you setup your Royal Mail Click & Drop for you if you are struggling, don't have time or are unfamiliar with all the required fiddling, we only charge £60 for this service, but we will need access to your dropbox, admin panel of opencart and your Royal Mail Click & Drop Account.

Buy Our Install & Setup Service

Set It Up Yourself

Please follow the instructions carefully that are included in the ZIP and available on the Documentation.

Thanks to where this mod was converted from.

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


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3 Dec 2020

8 Nov 2018
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