Bitcoin Payments by OpenNode

Bitcoin Payments by OpenNode
Lightning-fast, low-cost Bitcoin payments and payouts.

The OpenNode app allows opencart merchants to add Bitcoin as a payment option to their checkout page.

More Payment Options

  • The OpenNode app adds Bitcoin as an additional payment method alongside credit cards and other options.
  • When a customer chooses to pay in Bitcoin, the OpenNode app handles the conversion from the fiat price listed in the store.
  • Adding the option of Bitcoin payments can attract more customers and market your store as more tech focused.

    Save Money

  • Increase your profit margin on each item sold when compared to credit card transactions.
  • Bitcoin payments are settled instantly at the time of the transaction.
  • Instant settlement eliminates the risk of chargeback fraud on Bitcoin transactions.

    Choose your Currency

  • Convert Bitcoin payments into your local currency with OpenNode's instant exchange.
  • The instant exchange converts Bitcoin into the currency of your choice.
  • Instantly convert part or all of the payment at the time of the transaction.
  • Easily convert part or all of the payment any time on demand.

    Go Global

  • Bitcoin is a global currency used around the world.
  • International customers can make purchases without dealing with exchange rates and fees.
  • [*]Bitcoin acceptance attracts Bitcoin users and customers who don't have credit cards.

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