Bitcoinus – enables processing cryptocurrency payments.

Bitcoinus is a payment gateway which offers the most secure, efficient and fastest way to accept crypto payments for e-commerce business. At the moment, it supports top major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more.

New Bitcoinus plugin added to the system will enable Opencart merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments instantly and get paid in Euro directly to your bank account overcoming all crypto volatility. This means that every payment is fixed at a time transaction is initiated and not a penny will be lost even if cryptocurrencies decide to do some hula-hoops straight after the purchase is done. That is one of the key points why e-commerce businesses choose Bitcoinus. Also, there is no blockchain waiting time, most payments get accepted in only a couple of seconds and then (if necessary) automatically converted to EUR on merchant’s Bitcoinus account.

Furthermore, easy integration and configuration guaranteed as this plugin module is fully set which means that no programming work is required, only copy/paste a few lines of credentials to insert crypto payments solution to the website.

Account & Pricing

To use the extension - you need to create the Bitcoinus merchant account here. Bitcoinus transactions fee is only 0.5%.


  • Free and easy integrati

  • Extremely low transaction processing fee – almost free;

  • Accepts and stores multiple cryptocurrencies;

  • Converts received cryptocurrency to Euro and sends directly to any SEPA bank account (if preferred);

  • Secure and fast transactions globally.



Customers are being redirected to Bitcoinus dedicated payment page in order to proceed with payment there. In the payment page customers are allowed to select any available crypto currency to pay with, no any other data about customers is required by Bitcoinus. It is up to merchant whether to send customers billing/contact information or information about items being purchased. Once merchant decides to send the information, billing/contact information is saved at Bitcoinus and available for the merchant. Information about purchased items is never stored by Bitcoinus, it is only used for showing customers their goods/services being purchased during payment. When the payment is processed, customers are redirected back to Opencart page where payment status is showed. Bitcoinus module doesn’t store any customer data in Opencart database.

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


Compatibility,,,, 4.x.x.x

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25 Jan 2019

15 Nov 2018
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