Apollo invoicing

Apollo invoicing

What is Apollo?
Apollo is an intuitive all-in-one online invoicing software allowing you to create, edit and send professional invoices with ease. With Apollo, it’s easier-than-ever to create professional invoices.

- Overview your business
- Track payments, partial payments, and overdue invoices
- Create documents of varying types (i.e. invoices, estimates, etc)
- Easily duplicate or convert documents from one type to another
- Manage invoiceable items and services
- Manage your clients with the status overview and robust contact database
- Manage users by assigning accounts with read and/or write permission to your data
- Manage multiple organizations with one user account

You can get more information about Apollo at https://getapollo.io.


This extension offers some of the features from Apollo, such as creating estimates and invoices or the generation of PDF documents for orders. You can easily create invoices in Opencart, and track all the invoicing data on Apollo webpage.

Main extension features
- Automatic (or manual) invoice creation for individual orders
- Automatic creation of estimate documents
- Create, view, and download PDF documents for each invoice or estimate
- Send an email with a PDF attachment of invoices or estimates (can either be automatically generated or sent with an order status update.)
- Tracking your invoices and estimates at https://getapollo.io

PDF customization
You can customize your PDF document at the Apollo webpage, where you can set a logo for your company, choose a primary theme color, and set all of the PDF texts.
To do so, simply go to the Apollo website, find the "Account" icon at the bottom of the sidebar and click on "Customizations".

How it works

On image below, you can see flow, which occurs when new order is created. Green fields can be set in plugin settings.

Here is another example of how plugin works when sending documents manually in admin panel. When in "order view", you can add order history and with it, you can send costumer email with attached document. First you need to create invoice or estimate for said order, and after that you attach it to email, notify costumer of order changes. If there are both documents created (estimate and invoice), then only invoice will be sent, otherwise the document that was created is sent.

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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