Currency Price

Currency Price

Create Product Price Based On Customer Group.
This extension helps you to setup product separate price for each currency separately. Different price for different currencies for same product. If you did not add price of currency, then for that currency default product price will use by extension. This extension follows default currency conversion system thus it’s make product price truly multi-currency compatible.
Currency price OCMOD is easy to install using the new OpenCart Extension Installer Or using VQMOD.
With this extension, you can show the separate price to different currencies for products in your store.

For example, You want to show product A price
For the Pound Sterling is £95
For the US Doller is $100
For the Euro is 95€

This extension helps you to handle different prices for different currencies.

* Set up product price for different currencies
* Manage separate product option price for each currency
* Override default product price with selected currency price
* Set products prices for each currency
* Compatible with all major OpenCart themes
* Use OCMOD XML For Easy Installation
* Use VQMOD XML For vqmod installed Opencart stores
* Simple & easy to use
* Works flawless without issues
* Quick Installation
* Excellent support
* No Core File Modification

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