Google Merchant Shopping Feeds for Opencart v 1.5*- 3.0*

Google Merchant Shopping Feeds for Opencart v 1.5*- 3.0*

Using this module, you can create a product feed for advertising in the Google Merchant Center in a few simple steps. Also, for convenience and greater productivity, use the Google Product Category for each category of products on your site - which will simplify the setting up of advertising and have a productive impact on the display of trading ads.

This plugin allows you to create dynamic advertising in Google for the promotion of online store products using data feed.
Data feed is a file with detailed information about your products. It contains unique IDs, prices, image URLs, and other product attributes. Also, all products correspond to the number from the list of Google categories.
Upload your product data, and millions of shoppers will see your online merchandise and products in the store. Change it at any time so that customers always see relevant information in your ads
The plugin allows you to display products in the search results.
 Create and quickly adjust a large number of advertisements:
1. Automatically adjust advertisements depending on the presence or absence of certain goods in stock (showing only current ads).
2. Add additional features of the goods.
3. Filter ads by category, price and other parameters.

How it works:

1. Sign up for a Google Merchant Center account,connect it to Google Advertising and verify your site rights.
2. Create a data feed with detailed information about your products using the Google Merchant Products plugin
3. Upload the feed to the Merchant Center and make sure that it has successfully passed the moderation.

Suitable for Google Merchant programs: Advertise your products through Shopping ads and Dynamic Remarketing

- easy installation and configuration
- support for opencart version 3
- convenient unloading of goods in one file (in xml format)
- constant updating of data (relevance of prices, availability of goods)
- setting up regular unloading of goods
- the ability to update the list of Google categories
- the ability to match product categories on your site and Google categories
- matching options of your online store and Gogle options

1. Go to Extensions > Installer and install the extension
2. Go to Extensions > Extension List > Feeds and click the Install button near Google Merchant Products
3. Now you can configure and use the module

Delete (delete all module files):
1. Go to Extensions > Extension List > Feeds and click the Uninstall button next to Google Merchant Products

Help / Contact us:
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