Multiple Product Images Upload For Opencart-Sortable Sort

Multiple Product Images Upload For Opencart-Sortable Sort
This extension can Upload Multiple Images and Batch selection Images for product.

Support OpenCart v2.x / v3.x
Multiple image upload
Multiple image select

✯ Work from any device: desktop, tablet, phone
✯ Easily manage images — no need to search in the library of already uploaded images
✯ Leading image will be automatically generated using the first images in the list
✯ vQmod - you can upgrade OpenCart as much as you want
✯ It comes bundled with the easy to use installer
✯ Semantical folder names
✯ The images will be saved asynchronously — to see the results you don’t have to hit “Save”
✯ 100% HTML5

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PS: This extension only work for product image, and dose not work for product logo. If you want to check the effect, you should to look at Image option of Catalog->Product Management Interface. If you want to use in other image manager, you can upload by the product image manager at first.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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