Opencart Hyperlocal Mobile App

Opencart Hyperlocal Mobile App
With the Hyperlocal Mobile App, you can easily convert your online hyperlocal marketplace store into a native app. This app will allow you to explore localized market products without the hassle of exploring each store physically. It will help the customer to choose and compare the best products.

The app allows a customer to enter the location manually or select it from Google Map or by auto-detection via GPS. The seller can add the deliverable area, the rate of the shipping and seller origin.

This will help to manage the shipping more effectively as the seller can define the shipping rates and the regions where a seller will ship the product.

The seller will have a separate dashboard allowing the seller to manage the orders, sales and the buyers.
This app can be used in multiple scenarios like groceries, medicines, food delivery, travel facilities, and personal care.

Note: This App is an add-on of the following modules that are listed below. It means you need to purchase and install the following modules in order to use the app.
Opencart Multi VendorMulti Vendor Marketplace
Opencart Marketplace Hyperlocal System

The App provided is without the source code. After the purchase, you need to provide the Prerequisite for the app to be configured.

The native app is having multiple features that keep the user engaged and help in sales incrementation.
  • One-time fee for the application.
  • Native Android & iOS Applications.
  • Real time sync- orders, products, customers,etc.

    Customer-Centric Features-
    • Ease them to buy a product from the app
    • The customer can change the current location manually(selection by auto-suggestion), or locate the position on Google maps or selection current location as suggested by GPS.
    • The app supports Multi-Lingual Functionality.
    • The app user can easily checkout with the product in the cart without any hassle.

    Seller Centric Features-
    • Effective Store Management from the app.
    • CSV upload with the Shipping Rate details.
    • The seller origin can be entered to identify the shipping charges.
    • The seller can manage the store orders, total buyers and total sales.
    • Easy and quick management of products and orders using the application by sellers.

    Some Key Benefits of the App

    Separate Seller Dashboard
    The app offers a separate view where sellers can view total income, seller location, latest orders, and reviews. Thus improving the seller services. The analysis of the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sales can easily be managed.

    Push Notification
    The app offers a much beneficial feature for the customer as well as for the admin/seller. The customer will be benefitted from the information about the recent updates of products, deals &sales, festive offers, etc. The admin can send the push notifications thus promoting the products and hiking up the sales.

    Location Search
    The App offers allow the location to be added in multiple ways. The location can be added in the following ways as listed below:

    1. Typing the location address-The buyer can type the location name and select the location from the auto-suggestions appearing there.
    2. Locating the current location on Google Maps- The buyer can even locate the current location from Google maps.
    3. GPS location detecton- The third option with the buyer is to select the location as detected by the GPS.

    If you want to convert your Marketplace website into the native mobile app then you can check our Multi Seller Mobile app.

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