OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration

OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration

OpenCart eBay Integrator is the smoothest approach to synchronize the eBay marketplace with their OpenCart store and allows sellers to export products from OC store to eBay. Store admin can manage the inventory and update the product details in a few button clicks.

Note: eBay Marketplace Integration extension is independent of the store theme.

Kindly note that the module is to list the items from the Opencart to eBay (Not from the eBay to Opencart)

Easy to Configure Admin End
1. Easy one-click integration with the eBay seller account.
2. Enable to set the module status: Just toggle tab and your integrator is all ready to list products on eBay Marketplace
3. Set the account type as Sandbox or Live Mode.
4. Inventory Management from the OpenCart store itself.
5. Shipping Management: Create Shipping Templates and sync it to the eBay Marketplace.
6. Order Management: Import eBay orders to the OpenCart store and process them from the OpenCart store itself. After shipping the orders the order status can be updated via CRON.
7. Bulk Product Upload: List products to the eBay Marketplace from the OpenCart store itself.

Product Management
1. Map multiple products and categories on eBay using the OpenCart eBay connector. Admin can map products in bulk on eBay Marketplace.
2. Profile Based Product Listing: Create profiles to list the products to the eBay Marketplace.
3. Add multiple products in bulk on eBay by uploading all the products at one time in just a few clicks. To sync the products to the eBay Marketplace from OpenCart store the admin needs to map the OpenCart store category with the eBay store.
4. Manage the listed products: Sellers can Add, Edit or remove the products listed on eBay Marketplace from the OpenCart store. They can also enable/disable them depending on the availability of the product.
5. Relist or revise the products by executing CRON: Admin has to just click on the CRON present under the synchronization tab. After executing CRON, the products will be re-listed or revised on the eBay Marketplace.
6. Specifics & Variations: The eBay OpenCart connector extension allows you to send the specifics and variations of the product to the eBay marketplace.
7. View the listing status of products on eBay: Admin can keep a check the listing status of the eBay Marketplace products from the OpenCart store.
8. Price Management: The admin has the option to list the products on eBay at a higher or lower price than the OpenCart store. eBay Integrator extension has the option to increase or decrease the price on a fixed or discount basis at the time of creating the profile.
9. Check the status of the listed products: The store admin can check the status of the eBay marketplace products from the Product tab of the OpenCart eBay synchronization tab.

Inventory Management
1. Automatic Stock Update: eBay OpenCart Integrator offers Cron to sync the inventory. It helps to keep your products up to date on the eBay marketplace.
2. Update inventory status on both the shops: If an item has been restocked on the OpenCart store then the inventory of the product will also be updated on the eBay marketplace by running the CRON. Admin also has the option to revise individual products.
3. Remove products from eBay Marketplace: Admin can remove the products from the eBay store by deleting these products from the eBay OpenCart Integration extension.
4. Modify the pricing of the products: Admin can increase or decrease the price of the product according to the product’s demand.

Order Management
1. Import orders to your OpenCart store: Admin can import orders from the eBay Marketplace to their OpenCart store.
2. Admin can process the order from a single interface: After importing orders from eBay, the admin can manage all the orders from the single interface.
3. Set the order status for the eBay Orders: The admin has the option to set the order status for the eBay orders which are imported to the OpenCart store.
4. Update the order status on eBay: The admin can update the order status on eBay from the OpenCart store. There is a CRON that can be used to automate the order status update task.

Profile Based Product Listing
1. Multiple product profiles supported: Admin can create multiple profiles to list their product on eBay Marketplace by using the eBay OpenCart Integrator extension.
2. Manage the existing product profiles: Admin can edit or remove the existing product profiles accordingly.
3. Select the eBay site to create a profile: There are many eBay sites available for different countries to create a profile.
4. Set the shipping profile: Admin can map the shipping profiles to the newly created Profiles for the product listing.
5. Set the maximum product dispatch time: Admin can set the maximum product dispatch time accordingly. They could increase or decrease the dispatch time according to the distance of the location from the warehouse.
6. Set the return process: All the return requirements like return policy, return time (days), Return Type (Money Back, Exchange, Replacement) and Shipping option (paid by seller or customer) can be defined by the admin.
7. Mapping of the OpenCart store and eBay categories: Admin can map the OpenCart store and eBay categories by using the OpenCart eBay Integrator.
8. Enable the pricing management of the profile: Admin can increase or decrease the price of the product and manage the product profiles too.

Shipping Management
1. Add or Update shipping profiles: Admin can add or update shipping profiles for different products to be delivered.
2. Select the eBay site for creating a shipping profile: The extension supports multiple eBay sites so admin can create multiple shipping profiles for the domestic and international customers.
3. Set the service charges for shipping: Admin can set the service charges for shipping from the backend of the OpenCart eBay Integrator.
4. Provides an option to allow international shipping: Admin can even allow the international shipping service from the backend of the OpenCart eBay Integrator.
5. Option to exclude particular locations: Admin has an option to exclude particular locations for shipping via OpenCart eBay Connector.
6. Track the shipping status from the backend: Admin can track the shipping status from the backend of the OpenCart eBay Integrator.

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What customers say about OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration

The module does not work, the support is missing and responds in days. They will blame on you the fact that the module does not work. The crons are not working once you go above 20 products the cron will brake your server memory. They will close your tiket without any resolution to the problem. Do not waste your money.
Good extension. I think they are the best on OpenCart for eBay
not work ...


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