OpenCart Walmart Integration

OpenCart Walmart Integration

OpenCart Walmart Integration extension by Knowband is a feature-rich integrator that establishes a real-time integration between the OpenCart site and Walmart marketplace in just a few steps. OpenCart Walmart Integration Extension enables the e-merchants to go for multi-channel selling with an easy-to-use admin interface. The store admin can synchronize the inventory, orders, shipment and other factors without any difficulty, just by executing the cron in the back-end. The intuitive solution offered by Knowband can make marketplace trading a cake-walk for you.

How Knowband’s Walmart OpenCart addon helps you?

The OpenCart Walmart API integrator connects your eCommerce store with the The connection offers you a real-time synchronization that allows you to sync the products, inventory and related details and keep them updated from the back-end of the OpenCart addon. Additionally, the orders received from the marketplace are also synced with the orders of the eCommerce orders. Thus, they can be processed from like any other order of the site.

Features offered by Walmart OpenCart integrator by Knowband:

OpenCart Walmart Integration addon establishes connection between the Walmart seller’s account and the eCommerce store in just a few steps:

1. The cron jobs of Walmart OpenCart connector offer real-time synchronization and allow you to keep the two stores in sync with one another without any manual integration.

2. The store admin can create shipping methods for the Walmart customers from the back-end of OpenCart Walmart connector. They can even map the shipment carrier of the store with the marketplace.

3. The profile-based approach for product listing of OpenCart Walmart integration plugin enables bulk upload and management with least hassle.

4. The admin can map the categories and attributes of the store with the marketplace at a button click with OpenCart Walmart synchronization extension.

5. The store owners can easily renew or remove the products from a single interface, that Walmart OpenCart integration plugin without browsing their marketplace account.

6. The Walmart orders are synced with the store by executing cron offered by OpenCart Walmart connector. Order listing can be easily viewed from the admin panel of the Walmart OpenCart integration module.

7. Status of the orders received from the Marketplace can be easily updated from the admin panel of the Walmart OpenCart integration plugin. Order status can be synced on the Marketplace using the Cron job.

8. The audit log section allows the admin to view all the jobs running on the Walmart OpenCart integration module.

9. All the changes and settings made in the OpenCart Walmart connector can be done in the different tabs of the Synchronization section. Different tabs of the synchronization section sync the data from the OpenCart store on the marketplace and vice-versa

What customers say about OpenCart Walmart Integration

I had some issues because apparently Walmart only allows 5 additional images, although that is not documented anywhere. So after a lot of confusion, I found it would work if I deleted some additional images.


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