OpenCart Multi Vendor Marketplace

OpenCart Multi Vendor Marketplace

Build an Online Marketplace with Knowband’s OpenCart Marketplace Extension

The OpenCart-based store admin can now transform their single-vendor sites into a complete virtual marketplace. The OpenCart multi-vendor marketplace extension offered by Knowband enables the multi-vendor functionality at the eCommerce site. Once this feature is enabled, the store admin can invite the third-party vendors to list their products at the site. The management of the vendors, customers, orders and other related details is done from the admin interface of the OpenCart marketplace module. The entire management and tracking can be done from the back-end of the OpenCart extension.

What are the admin features offered Knowband’s OpenCart multi-vendor marketplace extension?

1. OpenCart multi-seller marketplace extension upgrades your single-vendor site into a marketplace at just a few button clicks.
2. Once this is installed and enabled, it creates an option of 'Register as a seller' in the registration form of the site.
3. Fixing the commission is effortless. The admin can fix the global or order-wise commission from the back-end of the OpenCart marketplace module. Additionally, you can even track the overall sales and the commissions earned.
4. The sellers can register by filling up the form and the store admin can approve/disapprove the seller's profile from the back-end of the OpenCart multi-seller marketplace plugin.
5. The seller's product is listed in the front-end after the approval of the admin. They can even enable auto-approval option from the admin interface of OpenCart marketplace extension.
6. The admin can approve/reject the customer review from the back-end of OpenCart Multi-vendor Marketplace module. Only the approved reviews are displayed at the front-end of the site. They can even enable the auto-approval option.
7. OpenCart multi-vendor marketplace plugin allows the store admin to enable/disable the custom shipping option. If enabled, the sellers can add their own shipping methods.
8. The default email templates offered by OpenCart Marketplace extension allows the admin to keep the sellers notified.
9. The OpenCart multi-vendor marketplace plugin even offers a separate tab to the store owner to view the sales of their own products.

What are the seller benefits of OpenCart marketplace addon by Knowband?

1. Any third-party vendors can register and sell their products on your site without making a site of their own.
2. Once their account is approved, they can manage their profile from the dashboard.
3. OpenCart multi-vendor marketplace module supports all type of products. So, the vendors can list any type of products.
4. They can even add banners, logos, and their social links in order to boost their online presence.
5. The customer reviews can be viewed by the sellers.
6. If enabled, they can even add their own shipping methods.
7. The sellers can send the admin to send category request if they want to get the access of any particular category of the store.


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