Sub Manufacturers v1.1 Full (category manufacturers)

Sub Manufacturers v1.1 Full (category manufacturers)
Module Name: Линейка продукции для производителей - "SubManufacturers"
Module Version: 1.1
License Type: Full
Installation Type: ocmod
Language: Беларуская мова, English, Русский язык, Українська мова
Date Created: 30.05.2017
Date Update: 15.02.2018
It was tested on: OpenCart (rs1), (rs6) - template (default, Magazin, Revolution, Journal 2,3, Lightshop, Lightstore, Aridius (Fractal), Moneymaker 2, Aridius (Royal))
Archive name 1: SubManufacturers v1.1 Full OpenCart
Archive name 2: SubManufacturers v1.2 Beta OpenCart
Added archive module: ManufacturerWall v1.1 Full OpenCart

Demo site
Demo admin

The modifier is intended to add a ruler (subcategory) to the manufacturers, namely, it will be possible to divide the manufacturers into rulers
their products. For example, there is a Samsung manufacturer, in the standard manufacturers module the following products will be displayed: TVs,
microwave ovens, electric kettles, etc. Agree that this is somehow ugly when you click on the manufacturer in the item card when you click
in the porridge of another product, when you are particularly interested in TVs. Thanks to this module, your customers will not be lost in the manufacturers and will be able to
quickly pick up the goods.

The original files of the store does not replace!
Always check such modules (on-line archives) containing such files: "install.php, install.sql"
since intruders can harm your site, for example, your hands will delete your database.
Example of a query (see that there is no deletion of the tables "DROP TABLE": categories, users, goods, etc., by the original or the entire database "DROP DATABASE"):

- You install the Beta version at your own risk - the database backup (hereinafter - the Database) is required;
- Module (modifier, addition, extension, application) (hereinafter - Module) can be installed on 1 domain including subdomains (one purchase - one domain);
- You can edit the code only for the needs of your store;
- Distribution of the module is prohibited;
- Technical support (hereinafter - TS) is carried out only when an error occurs, a bug, glitch (hang) and non-compatibility of the module with the stated versions of Opencart and templates at the time of sale, when installed on the combat site (working hosting);
- Adaptation of the module for a different version of Opencart, non-standard template and third-party modules - paid;
- The author of the module reserves the right at any time to make changes to this condition, description and source code of the module;
- The author of the module reserves the right to terminate the TS to users upon the expiration of 365 calendar days from the date of the last update of the module (Full or Beta version), or from the end of the extension of the TS, or in case of force majeure;
- TS is provided subject to this agreement, write to personal messages.

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