X-Discount/Special Price

X-Discount/Special Price
Getting tired of adding special prices and discounts on each products repeatedly?
Are you looking for an alternative easier solution?

X-Discount module can help you from getting rid of such tedious task. This module let you define special price Or discount for the all products Or a particular set of products from same the place.

This module also let you show discount ribbon and offer countdown in the product detail and list page

  • Special Price Or Discount can be set based on Category
  • Special Price Or Discount can be set based on Product
  • Special Price Or Discount can be set based on Manufacturer
  • Special Price Or Discount can be set based on Date Range and Time Period
  • Special Price Or Discount can be set based on Customer Group
  • Special Price Or Discount can be set based on Store
  • Discout ribbon
  • Offer expiring countdown
  • [*] Enable Discount on product option price

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    Difference between X-Feepro and X-Discount

    X-feepro is an Order Total module that works on the Order total section only. It does not modify product price in any ways. It simply gives option of offering discount Or charging sub-charge/fee base on other Order Total parameter like Sub-Total, Total, Shipping etc. It is completely liked with checkout process.

    On the contrary, X-Discount is a generic Module that works on product price directly. It simply works as same as how opencart special price and discount works. It modifies product price before showing to customers depending on the discount setting. It does not have any relation with checkout process.

    Q. Does this module remove or interfere product's default special prices?
    A. X-Discount is a totally independent module even it does not use database table of Opencart default special prices. It generates special prices on the fly and use cache for optimisation. Therefore, it will not remove anything, instead it will supersede the default features for products those are valid for discount and for other products default special price will work as usual.

    Q. Can I disable default special prices/discount for all products If I want ?
    A. Yes, you can.

    Q. Does ribbon and countdown work with any theme ?
    A. Yes but you must define css selector according your theme. You can request support if you need help.

    Q. Can I define discount Or Special Price
    A. Both. Discount can be set based on Quantity, Product Price and Special Price can be flat or percentage.

    What customers say about X-Discount/Special Price

    When i switched to Opencart i tried and paid so many extensions, but believe me, i never found a serious Company as Opencartmart. Any of their modules are best in the market, well developed and with a great support by Samir. Don't waste your money and especially your time trying to fix modules of other Company. Please support top notch Company as Opencartmart.


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