Cache database queries for OpenCart 2.x-3.x

Cache database queries for OpenCart 2.x-3.x
Module for caching database queries. This module allows you to reduce the load on the database. The results of the queries are cached to disk for the time specified in the configuration file, if the timeout of the previously made request has expired, then a new database request is made.

The module works in OpenCart 2.x-3.x.

This module is installed in the standard way via the "Marketplace" or by loading the module through the "Installer".

Before installing the module in your configuration files (config.php and admin/config.php) you need to write additional directives:

define('DB_CACHE', true);
define('DB_CACHE_TIMEOUT', 600);
define('DB_CACHE_IGNORE_TABLE', 'oc_cart');

DB_CACHE - this option enables (value true) or disables (value false) the use of the cache in your system.
DB_CACHE_TIMEOUT - the number of seconds a cached request has. After this time, a new database query will be made and the result will also be cached
DB_CACHE_IGNORE_TABLE - database tables to be excluded from caching. Important: if the request contains a database table from this list, then the request is not cached and the realtime response from the database is always given. A parameter can have several tables, separated by commas, for example: "oc_cart,oc_order,oc_seo_url"

The module creates the folder "db" in the directory defined by the variable "DIR_CACHE" (file config.php). All cached requests are added to this directory.


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