Opencart Sales Representative

Opencart Sales Representative
Opencart Sales Rep module helps the admin to manage the quotation request in a more effective and orderly manner. The quotation requested by the customers is sorted manually or automatically by the admin. The admin can create various Sales Rep, Managers that can manage the quotations requested.

This will serve the purpose best for the market where there is more of B2B approach. As the admin can assign products and categories to the respective Sales Rep on which the notifications will be sent when the quotation is requested for the particular product/category.

There can be more than one manager assigned to a particular Sales Rep, and the store owner can define team strength.

The module also offers Separate login for the Sales Rep agent/Manager through which management of the quotation request and order can be done with ease.

Note: If you require to order products in bulk, you can also check our Bulk Order Quote module.


  • The admin can create new Sales Rep agents.
  • Assign sales rep manually or automatically.
  • Admin can set sequence/priority for assigning a sales rep.
  • Dedicated sales rep for products and categories.
  • Admin can assign sales reps to a manager for better management.
  • Admin can set max team size and max number of managers of the sales rep.
  • Admin can set minimum quote quantity for the products.
  • The admin can select products for which the quote status needs to be enabled.
  • Admin can set custom status for initial quote, update quote, and approval quote.
  • Customer, sales rep, manager, and admin can send, receive, view the complete conversation.

Use Case:

Let us consider a B2B store in which the customers order products in bulk. The customer generates the quotes which can be negotiated and an appropriate quote is agreed by both the customer and the store owner. Now consider the store to be having millions of customers with thousands of requests. It becomes impossible for the store owner to entertain all the requested quotes.

With the help of this module, the store owner can create Sales Rep agents who will handle the requested quotes and managers are assigned to these Sales Reps so that management can be done with ease.


The admin can view all the request quotation in which the admin can change the quotation status and the sales rep. Apart from that, the owner can see all the conversation messages. The quotation request will be shown.

After the customer orders the requested Quote, the following orders will be displayed under this section as shown in the image below.

The admin can view the orders and can check the details of the respective order and the quotations messages as well as shown in the image below.

The admin can also add various status or edit the existing one. There can be multiple statuses for different scenarios like Cancel, Pending, Update or Complete.

Under the conversation tab, the various conversation between the customer, sales rep and managers can be listed in the following section.

Under the Sales Rep list section, the admin can view all the sales reps agents and can edit them if required. The admin can edit the sales rep information, roles and assign product and categories. The edit section will be seen as shown in the image below.

Under the Manager listing section, the admin can view all the managers and edit them. Information (like managers info, role, and team) can be edited. The following image displays the edit page of the managers.

After the module is installed and enabled, the admin can see the config settings under the Sales Rep tab which will allow the admin to configure the module as per the requirements.

The admin can also configure quotation setting in the general setting as shown in the image below

On the Front end, the customer can ask for the quotation by adding products to the shopping list and requesting a quote for the same. The customer can create a shopping list and can even move products from one list to another.

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