TS MetaTags PRO v1.2

TS MetaTags PRO v1.2
Module MetaTags PRO v1.2 by Tramplin Studio is a SEO tool that will be useful to everyone. It allows you to improve the quality of tags, significantly save time and facilitate the work on filling the meta tags of Title, Description and Keyword with the help of enhanced capabilities and automation of the process. MetaTags PRO does not replace or exclude your standard meta tags, it expands them.

The module will be especially useful for online stores with a large number of products, categories and manufacturers, when the formation of SEO tags becomes too time consuming. Others can use MetaTags PRO to bring all meta tags to a single standard.

The module is configured by creating standardized patterns for generating meta tags. When creating a template, you will be available to many variables that are divided into types.

One of the important features of this module is that it adds and allows you to customize the meta tags Description and Keyword on the pages of manufacturers and stocks!

  • expands standard meta tags on the pages of products, categories and articles (informational);
  • adds non-existent meta tags on manufacturers and special pages;
  • adds meta tags fields when creating / editing manufacturers;
  • at the same time for manufacturers added the usual description (as in categories);
  • meta tags are formed from saved patterns;
  • more than 10 variables are available (values in brackets [ ]);
  • multilanguage: Russian, Ukrainian, English;
  • very high flexibility of settings;
  • and other..

Types of variables:
  • [value*] - original value;
  • [value] - all characters are lowercase;
  • [Value] - the first character in uppercase, the rest - lowercase;
  • [VALUE] - all uppercase characters.

Pattern examples:
  • Title: Buy [Meta_title] for [price]usd only from us. Delivery throughout USA! Click!
  • Description: [Meta_description]. [Name] model [MODEL] from the manufacturer [Manufacturer] wholesale and retail. We deliver [name] throughout USA. Quality and inexpensive! We have discounts and promotions! Across New York delivery for free! Call now!
  • Кeyword: [meta_keyword], model [model], sku [sku], manufacturer [manufacturer], retail, wholesale, high quality, cheap, gifts, discounts, promotions, delivery, new york


Module page on the developer site:


Watch DEMO
Watch admin DEMO (login: demo, pass: demo)


Installation Instructions:
  1. Go to Admin panel -> Modules -> Install extensions;
  2. Just upload the archive with the module for your OpenCart or ocStore;
  3. Add the permissions to the "Administrator" user group for this module;
  4. Update modifier cache;
  5. Activate and configure the module.

If you skip step 3, then at the time the module is turned on, the needed database table may not be created and the module will not work correctly.

Files are not overwritten!
Used by OCMod!


Update Instructions:
  1. Remove the modifier of the previous module version;
  2. Go to Admin panel -> Modules -> Install extensions;
  3. Just upload the archive with the module for your OpenCart or ocStore;
  4. Update modifier cache;
  5. Revise module settings.


If you have any questions or suggestions for improving the work of the module, you can contact us:
Site: https://tramplin-studio.store/
E-mail: info@tramplin-studio.store


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included



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