Easy mass edit products for OpenCart 3.x [CatalogPro]

Easy mass edit products for OpenCart 3.x [CatalogPro]
Important! The extension is free to use and is distributed according to the principle "Like it? Thank the author!"

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To date, a small functionality has been written (which was originally planned) for working with products and changing data directly from the product listing page. The next step will be to expand the functionality to increase the list of fields for output, as well as change other product data, including automatic filling of fields.

Current functionality (version 0.1):
Extension setup
  • Setting the list of fields to display on the product list page;
  • Set the number of entries on the product list page.

Product List
  • Work with the list of products without reloading the page, including making changes, searching and pagination;
  • Editing product parameters from the product list page;
  • List of products by applicable filters (live search);
  • Validation of input data on the server side;
  • Sorting goods;
  • Convenient mechanism for sorting additional features, such as images and stocks. Sorting is done not by entering a number in a separate field as it is now organized in the current implementation of the engine itself, but by simply dragging the object, after saving which, this field is automatically entered and stored in the database;
  • Add "Category" fields to the list of fields and filter by it;
  • Edit general data, base data, links, attributes, options, discount, rewards points and SEO

  • Add "Category" fields to the list of fields and filter by it;
  • Adding action buttons for each product: editing in blocks (for example: description, meta tags, characteristics, options, etc.);
  • Group actions with goods: deleting, copying, automatic filling of fields (for example, meta tags) by template;
  • Formation of the price list on the basis of a complete list of products;
  • Adding a category section;
  • Acceptable advice on the support of the extension with new functionality (write in the comments).

Testing was conducted on a minor version ( and a major version ( (trs-, the middle versions were not tested, but with a 99.99% probability will work. On version, the extension slows down a bit, I can assume because of the changed architecture after version 2 and perhaps the absence of some indexes in the database, but in version everything “flies”.

Extension support for OpenCart 2.x versions is not currently implemented; most likely, the extension will be adapted after the development of the full functionality of the extension in cases of interest from webmasters.

Again, the module is free for everyone, but voluntary donations are accepted if the module helped you and you want to thank the author with a small “thank you”: PAYPAL

What customers say about Easy mass edit products for OpenCart 3.x [CatalogPro]

Excellent module. Just what I needed. Just has some trouble figuring out that you also needed to add admin rights and you had to activate the module in the extensions section.

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