Product Price List

Product Price List
Overview Of Product Price List
The Price List extension show a new page that displays all products of your store,that Allow users to see all products prices at one page with multiple product Info. its multiple Filter option helps to find products what you are looking. it Provides convenient way to access all store products in a highlight configurable filters.

What does this product for you
In Simple Wording, to find all products from All Store is the most complicated part of online store, most of shoppers leave online shopping due to complicated steps.But price list extension greatly simplifies this process, with improving the user experience. this extension not only increase your immediate sales but also longer term return visits. because this extension Show All Store products on One page.


1. Customize Price List page display
- Price List extension allow you to customize price list with different featured like layout setting, Show/Hide product data columns, background colors of panel, font color. If Product Price is zero(0) add text like (any custom link, custom Image).

2. Increase Sales
We know how much effort you did for customer traffic into your online store. When you apply Price List module on your store you make it easier for shoppers to see all store products on one page, that is easy for customers they can filter products according to need, that increase your sales conversion. with this customer feel good shopping experience on your store and they will visits again on store.

3. Admin Features:
- Easy and friendly administration:
- This extension is very beneficial for the ones if any of product have 0 price in this case admin can set custom code for product price column Like any custom text, link or image.
- 12 types of product data columns present in extension and admin can enabled/disabled these column from price list page according to need
- admin can display product data in bar code from a product SKU.

4. SEO Friendly
you can Create SEO friendly url for price list link that is easy for access and seo has benefit for your store.

5. Customer Features:
- save time
Customer can view all Store Products on same page. So now customer has no need to waste his time to find multiple products from all store.

- Filters option
Customer can use filter feature in price list page. extension provide multiple filters Like:
- Product Name
- Model
- Category
- Manufacturer
- Sort Order
- In Stock Products

- Customer can Export Products and also have option of Print

6. Documentation
Product Price List Module is powered with Clear documentation to make your installation even more simple.documentation explains all easy to go steps which needed for installation.

Core Features
* Search & filter – products can be search and filter by categories, manufacturers, name, price, Etc.
* Show column of image in which have product image with related images in popup
* Ajax base processing of price list records
* Export price list as excel file
* Manage what columns to show from admin
* Manage filters positionLeft,Right,Top,Bottom
* No core file modification
* Multi-store supported
* Fast Loading and Sleek
* Free And Fast Support
* Support All Versions
* It Support Multi-language
* Support Multi- Store

* We Provide free support & Best Support

Why To Choose Tmd Price List

1. Created By Opencart Official Partner
We Are Long time to here Our Good & Professional Work give as Partnership on Opencart

2. User Friendly
Price List shoppers see all information on one page, above the fold. The latest technologies have been used to make it quick and easy because all list of product with multiple info is available in one page with all options in clear view. so this simple Process make it user friendly.

3. Error Free Module
our Modules are Bug free Module. in case you face any Issue we Provide Quick Support for our customer. so all customers are happy with us.

4. Professional Support
We are on Opencart Market Last 7 Year. In this Markit we make 200+ Module and Many Themes so we have bulk of Knowledge in this framework. if our customer Face Any Issue During Installation Process we Provide Absolutely Free of Cost Support. This Process is 3 Month after your purchase, you can enjoy technical and feature support.

Enjoy :)



  • Developed by OpenCart Partner
  • 6 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included



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