Como Admin tools

Como Admin tools
Como Admin tools provides various useful and necessary improvements to the admin panel.

DEMO extension admin page Opencart 4 username/password demo

DEMO extension admin page Opencart 3 username/password demo
DEMO front page


General improvements (Described in detail later on this page)

  • Admin language switcher
  • Select admin panel logo
  • Improved product search
  • Autocomplate limit
  • Select page to load after login in admin panel
  • Remove storage message
  • Remove model requirement
  • Some adjustments to catalog (frontend)
  • Optional email sending on order edit!
  • Each one from above can be enabled or disabled
  • PHP info entry in Admin System maintenance menu
  • Slideshow and carousel settings
  • NEW: Scroll to top button in all admin pages
  • NEW: Buttons fixed to top when scrolling (Sticky buttons)
  • NEW: Admin menu toggle button
  • NEW: Handle page limit in lists

Admin panel lists: products categories, orders, clients and other

  • Filter section moved above lists
  • Filter section show/hide
  • More columns to show
  • Settings to show or hide for each column
  • Possible sort on added columns
  • Added more filter possibilities
  • Image size for column is adjustable

Added columns

  • Products: Id, Sort order, Image, Name by languages, SEO keyword, weight, Categories, Model, EAN, SKU, ISBN, Quantity, Price, Meta title, Meta description, Meta keywords, Manufacturer, Filters, Options, Stores
  • Categories: Id, Image, Name by languages, SEO keyword, Meta title, Meta description, Meta keywords, Status, Top, Filters, Stores
  • Categories: Added missing filter section in categories
  • Orders: Comment, weight, Language, Payment method, Shipping method, Country, City, Telephone, Products, Stores amd Filter by Store
  • Clients: Id, Telephone
  • Languages, Currencies, Countries: Status

Slideshow and carousel settings

  • Orientation: horizontal or vertical
  • Number of slides per view
  • Space between slides
  • Show or hide prev/next buttons
  • Show or hide pagination
  • Loop or stop after last slide
  • Autoplay disable on interaction
  • Autoplay delay
  • Duration of transition
  • Effects: Slide, Fade, Cube, Coverflow, Flip
  • Possible additional styling

Admin menu toggle button

  • To use in cases when you need full width of the browser window, for example in mobile horizontal phone position.

Remove storage message

  • Opencart 3 introduced security requirment to move storage directory from default place in system/storage. In some cases it is not desirable and is not possible. We provide possibility that requirement be waived.

Remove model requirement

  • Some stores do not use model for products. We provide possibility that requirement be waived.

Select admin panel logo

  • Now you can place company logo in upper left corner in admin panel.
  • Select the logo in System, Settings, Image tab, Logo for admin panel.

Admin language switcher

  • Now in admin panel you can switch between installed languages.
  • Select language as in catalog front.

Product search and autocomplate

  • Search the product name and model anywhere in the string, not just at the beginning.
  • Possibility to increase number of items in the resulting list in autocomplate search.

Adjustments to catalog (frontend)

  • Removes (or shows) the row showing the stock status on the product page.
  • Remove (or shows) the stock label on the product page.
  • Remove (or shows) the model label on the product page.
  • Show or hide manufacturer logo (image) in the product page.
  • Show or hide in product page row for: model, ISBN, SKU, EAN, UPC.
  • Possibility to set language in URL as parameter, like: lang=en-gb, lang=bg ...

Rows per page limit
This useful feature - to make a quick request for the desired number of rows returned by the server in the table - is located above the table. Default number is set by System, Settings, Options:


  • Normal install via extension installer page

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  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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