Improve ROI
Turn insight into action by sending the appropriate message through the most converted means each customer prefers and get high customer retention, which leads to higher sales.

Build Engagement
Give your customers a reason to engage with your brand by sending them personalized messages.

Create functional workflows
Start your automated communication from scratch with Routee’s easy to use interface. See more than just e-mail conversions with efficient workflows.

From simple segmentation to 100% automation
Routee is a highly functional platform that takes over customer communication complexities for you. Focus on important things and let us become your right hand.
Imagine setting up workflows in which every person that visits your site is recognized. Routee uses artificial intelligence that shows the right content to the right person. Get your visitors attention and convert anonymous leads to customers.

Why adopt Workflow Automation?
Increase your customer retention - send to your customers birthday offers or registration anniversary, abandoned cart reminders, greet new subscribers
Segment customer base - get customers personal data automatically segmented
Personalized messages - create and send effortlessly your messages with highly visual content and send personalized campaigns to segmented groups
Easy platform set up - create and send campaigns in under 5 minutes in our easy yet powerful platform
Identify leads when they’re most likely to buy - send promotional messages to customers that are most likely to buy in the near future
Know your customers one by one - track and segment customers based on purchase frequency and history
Add forms to grow your audience - convert leads to subscribers
Increasing the speed-to-completion – eliminate human error
Scale up high-volume, repetitive processes - more time for you to work on your business
Clarity and visibility for every process – make reports suited to your needs
Omnichannel communication - dispatch your messages via SMS, Voice or E-mail according to your customer base preferences with advanced user targeting

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