Public Download For Product

Public Download For Product
Overview Of Public Downloads For Product

TMD Public downloads for the product allows admin a new way to show product-related information on the product page.

The customer will able to download the attached files. This is essential when a website is selling physical products like Air Condition or Electronic appliances.

This module makes a new option on the product page where admin can attach files to products.

It helps you to assist your customers by providing complete customer care service and allows the customer to download product attachments.

What Does Public Download For Product Do For You?

It gives an option to attach ay kind of files to the product in the Admin panel.
The download tab will show along with other tabs on the product page.
Attach multiple files to the product.
Enable file types to accessible.
Customers can download the attached files from the product page.
Improve customer relations and Build customer loyalty.
Creates an advanced customer support management system.

Attach Unlimited All Types Of Files To Product

Admin will see a new section on the product page while editing the product.
Using the OpenCart public download product module, the admin can attach the files.
Attached files will be displayed on the product page front end. Customers will able to download the files.
Admin can select multiple files to single products and all the files are selected from the default media section of OpenCart.
All the selected files will be shown in the list view.
And admin can easily remove or add new files and this can be done using a familiar view of OpenCart admin.

Customer Can Download Files From Product Page

When files are attached to the product page by admin, a new Section will be shown to the product page called "Public Download".
Here all attached files will display in the list view with a given like to download the attached files.
There is no account needed to download the files from the product page.
By clicking the download button, files will start to get the download.
Thus you can easily add multiple files to the products like product features and reviews in PDF, doc, etc.

Enable what kind of files to upload for customer download

Admin has options to show what kind of files should be accessible by customers.
There is a setting where the website can enable file extension to be selected.
Multiple file extension is available.
Either all extension can enable or enable only a few file extensions.
After doing setting admin can only able to select enabled files extension.

Support Multi-Language

It has multi-language compatibility.
It has an option where Admin can enter all information according to the selected language.
When a website uses more than 1 language than the OpenCart public download product module gives the option to enter text in multiple language tab.
Admin can write all text information in language present on the website.
All installed and active language will show into the setting.
Admin can write information into more than one language.
Customers will see text information in a selected language.

Supports all Themes

Public Download For Product OpenCart module uses VQMOD and OCMOD.
It is accessible for all OpenCart themes.
The extension works perfectly with all themes available in the market.
TMD has done testing with highly sold OpenCart themes as well as well-known themes such as Journal, Shoppica, Fastor, Sellya to name a few.
However, for custom themes, It requires some additional work.
Extensions are plug and play.

The core Features:

Attach Unlimited all types of Files on Product from that adds by admin

Add a new tab on the product page for direct download

With this extension, you can easily add multiple files to the products like product features and reviews in PDF, doc, etc.

Easily upload new files from product edition.

Multiple products in the admin can attach different files for users so all users can Downloads files.

Add Multiple Products Download

Custom Features

It Contains All the Basic and Advanced functions.

Fully Customize Module.

Show Products download in Product Page with a new tab

Easy Administration

Support Multi-Language

Support Multi-Store

No core file overwrite

Easy to install & Manage

Ocmod/Vqmod both available

NOTE: After the purchase of the module, we don't want You to face any problem with the module Because Customer Sanctification is our First Priority, For this, we Generate A Documentation With Steps Theses Steps Clear the Problem of Installation. Open the Link of Documentation that we mention.


The module works with All Version of OpenCart 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x, Default Theme, Journal Theme v2, journal theme v3 and Maximum All Custom Themes are Compatible


For 30 days after your purchase, you can enjoy technical and feature support and this Support is if You face any issue During Installation or any Custom theme.

What customers say about Public Download For Product

This mod did not work with my Theme, but the support guys went above and beyond to get this issue resolved.


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