aGDPR maximum GDPR compliance

aGDPR maximum GDPR compliance
The most GDPR compliant extension on the market. This extension was made with GDPR requirements in mind to help you make your OpenCart installation as GDPR compliant as possible by fulfilling the requirements of the Regulation exactly and without ignoring the inconvenient requirements that guarantee that you will not get an unpleasant or costly surprise (in the form of a fine).
But you need to be aware that no one extension can make your store 100% GDPR compliant. To achieve maximum compliance you need to process data in accordance with GDPR requirements. Read this blog post to get a grip of basic GDPR requirements.


  • PHP v7 and above

Main features

  • Dedicated page to handle GDPR request
  • Option to add a link to GDPR page to customer's account page or to footer or header of each store's page
  • Handling all required GDPR requests:
    - request to access personal data (also in common machine-readable form);
    - request to erase personal details (right to be forgotten);
    - request to withdraw consent;
    - request to stop data processing;
    - request to cancel data processing restriction;
  • GDPR audit feature - the inline toolkit to test your store for basic infringements of GDPR regulation (you even may not be aware that you are processing some personal data illegally) and automated fixes of such infringements
  • Handling request for data erasure in GDPR compliant way - erasing account data (including affiliate) and anonymizing personal data in corresponding orders (including guest customers)
  • Handling request for data processing restriction in GDPR compliant way - not just marking an account as blocked but removing personal data in temporary storage
  • Automatic and manual modes for handling GDPR requests.
  • Option to automatically reject some GDPR requests depending on the situation, e.g. existence of contractual obligations
  • The detailed log of all GDPR requests
  • Authorization of each request by sending code in email
  • Email confirmation of request fulfillment/rejection
  • Customizable (using variables - shortcodes) multilingual email templates for each type of email
  • Option to establish time limits for data processing according to Recite 39 of GDPR
  • Inline translator - the cool feature that allows you to translate any caption of the extension (backend, frontend) right from your browser window. It makes it possible not just add new translation but also modify existing captions - you just need to enable inline translation (translatable captions will be highlighted), select a caption and in pop-up form add/change translation - that's all - new translation will be applied instantly
  • Terms versioning tracking - each time you change terms (checkout, account terms) system will remember that new version so that you can know the exact content of terms for the specific date
  • Option to track terms acceptance for each customer, including guests and affiliates
  • Breach logging and sending a notification to supervisor authority and all affected customers
  • Highly customizable Cookie consent widget based on Cookie Consent Kit backed by Euro Commission

To get just base functionality use the free version of the extension

If you have any questions leave comment or email me (

What customers say about aGDPR maximum GDPR compliance
Would highly recommend this extension to anyone who has a website that trades with the UK/Europe. This extension is so adept in it's functionality and is very user friendly. Cannot believe it was so inexpensive...well done the developer 10/10.


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