Opencart Excessive Attempt Lock

Opencart Excessive Attempt Lock
Opencart Excessive Attempt Lock
Opencart Excessive Attempt Lock module allows the admin of the store to define a specific number of valid login attempts for the admin, customer, and affiliates. If the admin, customer, or affiliates fail to log in successfully, the login is enabled after the time period specified by the admin.
This way the integrity of the store’s data is retained. Admin may receive emails if an invalid login attempt is made so as to track any suspicious activity.

Use case
We must have encountered this scenario when we try to unlock our mobile phones using passcodes or patterns.
Suppose, one fails to enter the passcode correctly try some different numbers for 5 times, let’s say. Then an error shall display- You have incorrectly typed your PIN 5 times. Try again in 30 seconds.

  • The admin can set the number of attempts & can disable timing on the basis of the user group and customer groups.
  • The Google Recaptcha feature is allowed by the admin in the customer tab only which shall display at the login page.
  • The log details for the number of wrong attempts for admin, customer and affiliate display under the Log tab.
  • If need be, the admin may block a particular IP address that has been tracked for making wrong login attempts.
  • If enabled under the Admin tab, on every login attempt made, either successful or unsuccessful, an email will be sent to the admin.

On installing the module, the admin can configure the fields for the Admin, Customer and Affiliates tab. Initially, the admin shall configure the settings for the Admin tab where the admin sets the number of login attempts allowed for the admin, a warning message that displays on making a wrong login attempt, enable receiving emails, etc.

If the admin fails to log in successfully, an error as shown in the image shall display.

Once the field under the Admin tab is configured the admin need to configure the settings for the Customer tab.
The admin defines a specific number of login attempts for the customer. Also, a time period (in minutes) is set to disable the login for the customers for that time span.

On making a wrong login attempt the customer shall receive a warning message along with the remaining login attempts as shown.

Similarly, under the Affiliate tab, the admin defines the number of login attempts and the time span for which the login shall be disabled for the affiliates

If the affiliate does not login successfully, a warning message and the number of login attempts remaining shall display as shown in the image below.

The Log tab includes all the wrong login attempts made by the Admin, Customer or the Affiliates.

The Security tab displays a tabular demonstration of the wrong attempts which are made. It displays the IP address, Email Address, Total Attempts made. If need be, the admin may block a particular IP address for security purposes.

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