Filter Products By Category in Admin

Filter Products By Category in Admin
Filter products by category is a convenient feature for admins that will allow you to better manage the store products. With this Module you will be able to quickly sort and reach the products with necessary features.

The module is very easy to install and use. Once installed, it does not require any additional configurations or tweaking of settings and is already available for use.

Products can filtered by Category;
Filter products without Category;
Filter by multiple criteria at a time;
Simple to use, no configurations required;
OCMOD installation no core file edits.

Install instructions
1. In the Opencart administration section Goto 'Extensions -> Installer' and upload "".
2. Then navigate to 'Extensions -> Modifications' and click refresh for the module to be applied.
3. Go to Dashboard, click on gear in top right corner of a page and Refresh theme cache.
4. Check it in a administration section -> Catalog -> products list page.

If you have problems with oc check documentation on download page.

Support and Help
Feel free Leave your comment if you have any questions or suggestion for improvement.

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What customers say about Filter Products By Category in Admin

when you are finished editing a product and return to the product list, it forgets the category that was selected before

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25 Feb 2019
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