Opencart Affiliate Coupon or promo code System

Opencart Affiliate Coupon or promo code System
About This Extension:

- Create coupons that affiliates can distribute and earn commission
- This can be offered to sales agents that get commission on products when customer uses that coupon for discount.
- This extension allows you to create and distribute coupons to affiliates and get more business.
- Customer gets discount and Affiliate gets his commission on order.
- Restrict coupons to apply to specific products only [ new feature ]
- Restrict coupons to apply to specific categories only [ new feature ]
- Customer group bsae coupons [ new feature ]
- Affiliate commission type(Percentage or Fixed) [ new feature ]
- Order can be filtered through "Coupon" and "Affiliate"

- Exportable Coupons list

- In Coupons, Products and Categories can be excluded

- Affiliate receive the Customer's coupon details in email

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So How It Works.

1. Create Coupon
This extension gives affiliate drop-down and commission field in coupon Add form. Select Affiliate and set his commission while creating coupon.

2. Affiliate Gets His Coupon Code.
Affiliate Can see the list of coupons in his account after login.

3. Customer Uses Coupon and Affiliate Gets Commission
As this coupon is used by customer the information from coupon affiliate and commission field is fetched and affiliate commission is set in order.

4. Confirm Affiliate Commission
Now like default Opencart Commission system for affiliate you will just approve the affiliate commission being shown in order detail.

5. Affiliate Coupon Commission Reports Section.
There is a rich affiliate coupon report system.
a. Affiliate can check reports by order status
b. Affiliate can filter by months for monthly reports of commissions.

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