Como Delivery Tracking Codes

Como Delivery Tracking Codes
Tracking codes or tracking numbers are widely used with delivery companies. This module provides home for them to enable administrators to enter and manage them, and customers to folow tracking links for receive instant information for their shipments.

D E M O for order list page with tracking code column
D E M O for order page with tracking code management
D E M O for module admin page
Username/password: demo/demo


Tracking codes

  • One or several tracking codes for each order
  • Possible different delivery providers for each code
  • Unlimited different delivery providers
  • Tracking URL for delivery providers
  • Admin page URL for delivery providers
  • Different comment template for each provider
  • Keywords for template: {tracking_code}, {tracking_url}, {tracking_link}, {tracking_provider}, {order_id}

Admin side management

  • Column with tracking code links and info in order list
  • Section in order page for display, add, edit and delete tracking codes
  • Button in order page - history comments section, for easy one click comment insert from tracking codes templates

Client side information

  • Column with tracking code links and info in client history order list
  • Section in order page for display tracking codes and links

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