GA Product Variants

GA Product Variants
This extension allows you to group products together and present them as variants of one another. Each variant is represented by one or more options (e.g. size, color) and option values (e.g. large / medium / small, red / green / blue). The extension displays a set of swatch labels or dropdowns on the product page through which the customer can navigate between the variants (similar to Amazon / B&H Photo Video product listings).

With this extension, each variant is a product. This means you would manage products as you normally would, including specifying individual SKUs, quantities, prices/discounts, etc. The extension does not add extra fields to the 'product' database. This has the advantage of keeping things simple, and tools that you may be using to manage your products / inventory will continue to work without the need for customization (such as spreadsheet-style product updaters).

Features (v1.2.2_oc3)
- AJAX Switch Handler allows the customer to switch between variants without reloading the entire page*.
- You can show variants as a single item in product listings. For example, if you have 10 shirt variants characterized by size and color, you can display all of them as a single "Shirt" item. You can also choose to group the shirt variants by color and show one item per color.
- Caching of product variants to reduce subsequent load times. You can prebuild the variants cache in admin to ensure optimal response times for customer requests.
- Option to canonicalize links of product variants for better SEO.
- Custom styling of swatch labels and dropdowns for each variant group.

Note: Version 1.2.2_oc3 is a maintenance update that contains minor changes and bugfixes.

* Switch handlers are theme-specific and the extension provides a switch handler for the default theme. We can also provide a switch handler for the Journal 3 theme at no extra cost (tested with Journal 3 v3.1.x), as long as no customization is required. If you would like to implement a switch handler for your OpenCart's theme, you may contact us for a quotation or build one with the extension's Switch Handler Framework (documentation included in the extension's package under doc/dev directory; programming knowledge in PHP, JavaScript and HTML required).

Compatibility with Materialize theme
The extension uses the same libraries provided by OpenCart for displaying UI components (such as dropdowns) in the store. This makes it incompatible with the Materialize theme which utilises its own libraries. We can provide a Compatibility Pack at no extra cost that allows you to use the extension (v1.2.2_oc3 or later) with the Materialize theme. The Compatibility Pack also includes an AJAX Switch Handler designed specifically for this theme.

Example 1 (Store 1 with custom CSS styling; switch handler for default theme enabled)
Example 2 (Store 2 with default styling; no switch handler enabled)
Example 3 (Store 3 with Journal 3 theme; additional CSS styling for "Color" swatch labels; switch handler for Journal 3 theme enabled)
Front page of store showing product listings - you can also view the categories ("Fashion", "Phones & PDAs") or do a search ("Samsung", "Shirt")
Front page of store with Materialize theme (Compatibility Pack installed; AJAX Switch Handler enabled)**

** Store with Materialize theme belongs to a separate OpenCart installation because the theme is not Multi-Store compatible.


User Documentation

Version Compatibility
This extension has been developed for and tested with OpenCart versions 3.0.0 -*.

* A bug in OpenCart / prevents the extension from working properly (and potentially other extensions as well). Refer to the documentation on how to fix this.

Note: version 1.2.2_oc3 is for OpenCart 3.x only. We have no plans to provide updates for version 1.0.0_oc2 (for OpenCart

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Nice addiction for those who like using product variants


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