Advanced Captcha 3.x, 2.x and 1.5.x

Advanced Captcha 3.x, 2.x and 1.5.x
This extension catches bots who are crawling your site and spamming you*.

It adds extra protection to "Contact us" , "Register" and "Checkout register" pages.

✓ No more spam from "Contact us" page.
✓ No more fake accounts registering.

This module does not modify any core OpenCart files.

Incredibly simple to install!
The module is guaranteed to work on the default theme. More themes will be included - in general for free.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

This extension comes with the high level of support our customers are accustomed to.
Please check our other extensions by clicking here.

*Whilst this has proved 100% effective thus far, it is possible that spammers in future will discover a way around it and we cannot guarantee we will be able to update the extension to fix this. You are therefore purchasing on the basis that this works now but may stop working at some point in future. While we will try to update it if this happens, we cannot guarantee it will be possible.


  • Developed by OpenCart Partner
  • 1 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


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29 Mar 2022

1 Mar 2019
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